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harmony 03-06-2014 04:06 AM

People Matter
Have you ever felt like the life was stomped out of you, but you still feel the will to fight? People matter and I have hard time when someone doesn't think so. Where would our families be, kids, parents or dogs if we didn't matter?

robk 03-06-2014 07:08 AM

I would just like to add that employees are people and they matter as well. It appalls me the way so many employers treat their employees. (especially in my industry).

nikon22shooter 03-06-2014 08:32 AM

Not everyone matters. Only the ones you care about and/or feel should matter.

If your worried about everyone single person, your in for a long and rude awakening in life. (At least in my experience thus far)

Discoetheque 03-06-2014 11:19 AM

To me, everyone DOES matter, but this does not mean that I'll go out of my way for every person. I owe everyone the basics of humanity: respect, until they show me otherwise. This is not the same as worrying about everyone.
Going off what Robk said, employees are indeed people. So I'd like people to remember that when they're shopping, or paying a bill, or calling customer service. We are people and probably at the bottom rung, at don't take your anger at price changes, or mistakes from higher up, or the absence of your favorite product out on us.
We're all here, doing the same thing in the grand scheme: just trying to live. So if we can't respect anything else about one another, how about that?

GSDolch 03-06-2014 11:38 AM

Do people matter? Yes, and no. It's not a black and white thing I don't think. Life is one big jumble of individual hierarchies.

I am in introvert, I don't really care much for people. For me it goes People<Persons<Friends<Family (both blood and non blood).

But I wouldn't go so far as to say people don't matter. Someone matters to someone, we just don't all have to matter to each other. I don't talk to many of my neighbors where I live now, I don't care to, but if I ever saw their house on fire, I'd try to help, but if my house and their house was on fire, I would take care of my own first, then if possible help them. My family matters more to me than people.

Eiros 03-06-2014 11:47 AM

Everyone "matters", but in my life, I do not feel obligated to put others above my own health/sanity lol. I'm a bit introverted too, and I find it easy to remove myself from family drama, whiny friends, etc. if they are taking too much of my energy away.

I do believe that all people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, and I respect people's right to their own choices. That includes myself lol :)

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nikon22shooter 03-06-2014 11:48 AM


Stevenzachsmom 03-06-2014 11:59 AM

People do matter. Every day, we can make or ruin someone's day. I'm talking about complete strangers and small kindnesses that can make you feel good about people. Letting that person purchasing one item get in line ahead of you. Holding the door for someone. As I was getting myself a shopping cart, an elderly lady walked up. I offered her my cart, as I got another. You would have thought I gave her a million dollars.

Likewise, you can be having a crappy day. Then, when someone is rude or nasty, it just makes your day 10 times worse. Putting a smile on your face and being courteous cost nothing, yet have so much value.

Lilie 03-06-2014 12:10 PM

Every one matters. If you are able to connect with one person throughout your day, you've mattered to them. One single smile. It's free for you to give, but can mean millions to a person who needs it.

I recall the day I found out my husband had cancer. I had to go to a big box store although I was lost in a fog. I got out of my truck and was walking to get a cart. There was another woman who was walking to take her cart back to the rack. We met mid stream. She seemed to be in a fog as well. We both looked at eachother and time sort of stopped. We looked at eachother for a moment and she smiled. For some reason that just made me think things were going to work out. I smiled back as she handed me the cart.

I still think about that lady and her smile. I don't remember what she looked like, or what she wore or if she drove a nice car. I just remember her smiling at me. I now try to 'notice' people in my life. I try to give them a smile too. I don't have to talk to them. I don't have to get involved with their life. But I can give them a smile. Maybe it'll mean as much to them as the smile I got that day.

BTW - my husband has been cancer free for over 6 years now. So things did work out.

Harry and Lola 03-06-2014 04:48 PM

People do matter, however you can only do what you can - can't save the world.

I do think we all need to be a little more considerate and polite to our fellow human being, myself included:)

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