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HarleyTheGSD 01-24-2014 04:40 PM

Any Missouri residents?
I don't know if this will get me anywhere, but I have to try.
I need a futon frame. Cheap. I will not spend over $20. I've tried craigslist and ebay, but I couldn't find anything close. I am in Warrenton. I don't want to drive all the way to St. Louis. The farthest I'd drive would be St. Peters.
Does anybody know where I am? If a miracle strikes and you do, could you give me some re-sale shop names and locations? Or if anybody knows another website where I can buy a cheap futon frame, I'd appreciate it.

KayForbes 01-24-2014 05:39 PM

I'm in Winfield, MO not to far from you. I would say check goodwill or I think there is a place called Mary Martha that's a resale shop in wentzville its been awhile since I've been to it but that would be my best guesses! Or there are afew places in Troy as well the treasure shop and one other place I cannot remember the name of! I hope this somewhat helps!

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HarleyTheGSD 01-24-2014 09:04 PM

This does help, thank you!

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