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pets4life 01-14-2014 08:05 PM

bird lovers and keepers
anyone here keep birds?

Do you breed birds?

If so how does having your dog effect them?

I have kept pretty much every bird as a pet from pigeons, chickens, pheasants, quail, mynah, finches, canary, geese, ducks, and all kinds of parrot species.

I thought certain breeds of chicken made the best pet or one of them. I kept chickens since i was a kid. I have most experience with them and ducks. It sucks not being able to have them in the city.

Stevenzachsmom 01-14-2014 11:33 PM

Stevenzachsmom 01-14-2014 11:40 PM

And well...If you haven't heard Syaoransbear's little eclectus sing, you just have to check this thread.

Jo_in_TX 01-15-2014 09:25 AM

I have one little parrotlet, and he's amazing. Skeeter is bolder than any of the conures I've had, and is utterly entertaining. (Although I must admit the crimson bellied conure was gorgeous. :) ) While he doesn't speak, he does mimic a couple of sounds, and makes kissing sounds when I say "kiss, kiss." :wub:

While I am drawn to the larger birds, I fear that I couldn't give them what they need, since they are such intelligent species and require so much time and can be a handful once sexually mature. So many are given away and neglected then. :cry:

However, I do envy those who manage to keep the larger birds successfully.

robk 01-15-2014 09:35 AM

I have 2 amazon parrots and 7 chickens. The dogs pretty much leave the parrots alone. They have killed a few chickens over the years. If I am out side I can let the chickens out of the pen and they will leave them alone. However, if left unsupervised with them they will harass the chickens and eventually kill them.

Galathiel 01-15-2014 09:47 AM

I've had a few birds when I was younger (the usual parakeets, finches, and a cockatiel), but don't really consider myself a bird lover. Except. Chickens. I love chickens! I don't know why. Growing up I had a bantam rooster and hen that I would bring in the house and they sat on the arm of my chair and watched TV with me. I also have kept a small flock of gold and silver laced wyandottes, a couple of araucanas and a separate small flock of white silkies. Just love chickens. Have no idea why. I find them entertaining almost like an aquarium .. so busy scratching, flopping, bustling about. The araucanas (lay colored eggs, mainly green and bluish) were very sweet hens. I love bantams so esp loved the white silkies. Gorgeous.

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