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My neighbor has a sweet, older black lab. I hardly ever see her outside through the day, but at 0400, they let her out the front door and she roams the area until around 0600 when the husband leaves for work. I've almost hit her several times coming home when she goes darting across the street back home, or someone has chased her off their lawns. I'm constantly leashing her up and taking her back home.

Same goes for the Shiba Inu. Sadly, he got hit by a car. He wasn't hurt too badly as everyone knows to drive slowly due to loose dogs, but the owners still haven't learned. He was playing with Finn in our yard for an hour yesterday while I waited for one of the owners to get home so they could take him back.

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LAZY!!!!!!!!!! plain and simple. god forbid they walk them
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Frankly, I don't think dogs should be allowed to run loose anywhere. I once had to shoot a dog who was killing livestock in my very rural area. He'd killed 3 of my neighbor's goats, an entire flock of chickens a few houses down, a few sheep, and a calf--that I know of. He'd been lurking around my place a bit too, to the point that I began carrying my gun every time I went out, and kept it by my door when I was in the house (which is something, as usually I keep it locked up). Finally one morning I had a clear shot and I took it. I'm not a great shot so I just seriously wounded him, but he couldn't get away and I had to go up and shoot him again to put him out of his misery. It was very hard for me and I wished that his fancy leather collar had tags on it, because I would have loved to know who the owners were. I was furious with them for all the suffering their irresponsible ownership caused--the poor dog who was just being a dog and had to be shot for it, the poor animals he killed, the people who had to go out and find their animals dead, and myself as shooting him was very upsetting to me! It was necessary to protect my livestock and I know it was the right thing, but man it was hard because I love dogs, I don't want to have to kill them!

Even less obviously destructive dogs are a nuisance and are at great risk. I've met many people in the country who will shoot a dog just for being on their property. I've seen dogs hit by trains, hit by cars even on rural roads, eaten by coyotes or other predators, caught in traps (even if trapping is illegal in your state, people may do it), killed by eating poisons left out for vermin, etc. etc. etc.

In short, I really have lots of sympathy for the dogs who are left to their own devices, but no sympathy at all for their owners. I've heard many people lament their missing dog, and in the same breath defend letting him run loose all day because "it's okay, we're in the country, there's no leash law out here!" and all I can think is what an idiot that person is (they're also usually the ones who will insist that Fluffy could never kill a chicken if you confront them with the evidence, as if only mean dogs have a prey drive). If you can't take care of your dog properly--which includes not letting it run loose--then you shouldn't own one. I mean, accidents happen and dogs can get loose from even the best owners, but when you see the same ones day in and day out, you know it's not just an accident.

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Its a shame that you had no choice but to shoot the dog-and even greater shame that I am so not feeling sorry for you
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I am incredibly disgusted by this..

This is a pet peeve of mine we have a neighbor who lets his dogs run loose all the time they chase our horses come in our yard sleep in our barn they are always skin and bones in the summer full of raisin sized ticks and it goes on and on! He has a blue heeler female who has a litter of half beagles half labs half whatever she's nine years old,I don't understand why he does not get her spayed there is a low cost spay neuter program here. Sick and a Moron that is what he is!

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Its because people don't care. Everyone loves a puppy but it takes something much more to live a dog.

Puppies are adorable and playful, but once the owner realizes that it is expensive, time consuming, frustrating, the dog needs trained and is no longer small and adorable that's when people stop caring. Its sad really. (Not saying all people are like this, but it happens a lot)
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When I was nine years old I saw our cocker spaniel get hit by a car. We lived on a gravel road in a small town with very little traffic, but I was throwing a ball for her and I threw it too hard and there happened to be a car . . .

Our dog lived, but it was terribly traumatic for the dog, for me and awful for the poor lady who hit the dog! She was a very nice person and to have a nine year old little girl screaming and crying because she saw her dog run over? She was in tears, too!

A dog should never be put in a position where it can get into traffic.
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Originally Posted by holland View Post
Its a shame that you had no choice but to shoot the dog-and even greater shame that I am so not feeling sorry for you
Don't worry, I'm not asking you to. I did not want to do it, but we had tried everything else. The situation had been going on for weeks. There was no animal control, and repeated calls to the sheriff resulted in a response of, "Just shoot him if you get a chance." We attempted to catch the dog repeatedly, and we attempted to track down the owners. We posted fliers at the post office, local bar and restaurant asking whoever owned the dog to keep it confined before someone did either trap it or kill it. There was no response, although it was obviously well-cared-for so I'm sure someone owned it. Fencing livestock wasn't enough, either--it literally chewed a hole through a chicken coop to kill the flock of chickens, and when it killed my neighbor's goats, they were in a 6-foot mesh fence with the bottom of it buried partially underground (built specifically to protect them from this dog)...he dug under it anyway.

I would like to know what else I could have done...and by the way, even if I hadn't taken that shot, everyone in the area was just waiting for a chance to kill that dog. I know at least one person had left poisoned meat out for him, which I suspect would have been a much worse death than gunshot. He was a menace, although as I said I don't fault him...dogs kill things if left to their own devices. If I'd been able to trap him or track down his owners I would have handled it very differently.

My normal response to a nuisance dog is to speak to the owners first if I can figure out who they are, and if I can't (or they don't care), then I catch the dog and take it to the animal shelter. If that still doesn't get their attention, I'll report them to the sheriff. So far, the fines they get for having a nuisance animal have always done the trick. But seriously, unless you can give the sheriff's office a name and address, in many places I have lived they flat-out tell you to shoot the dog in order to protect your livestock.

The rowdy dogs:
Hector-2 y/o GSD (mix?) rescue
Scooter-12 y/o ACD/Border Collie mix
Bandit-8 y/o ACD
Wooby-14 y/o ACD
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Rowdy - it's legal everywhere to shoot a dog that is killing livestock. Here, I know where most of the roaming dogs come from - the trailer park across the street. So with a bit of watching, I can narrow it down to a couple homes and I have a deputy come over and inform them that their dog is harassing livestock. Once a complaint has been made, in AR it is legal to shoot the dog the second it enters your property (one of the few states where it IS legal to do that). The longest time a dog was ever kept chained after the deputy visit was 2 days. The shortest time was that the dog was roaming 4 houses down before the deputy even left the driveway. That dog was actually shot that same afternoon by another neighbor. The dog was body-slamming their sliding glass door trying to get to their indoor cats.
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Originally Posted by lorihd@comcast.net View Post
LAZY!!!!!!!!!! plain and simple. god forbid they walk them
Exactly! People in my area let their dogs loose in front of the house all the time. I have had several neighbors dogs charge at me and ramsey while on walks. now i have a dog that is on guard and aggressive towards other dogs thanks to this.

RAMSEY 10/07

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