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wink-_-wink 01-04-2013 04:54 AM

Just wanted to take a second:
As I look to the left at my avatar I see that I am around 300 posts on this forum (I only belong to one other forum and that is a law enforcement one and I don’t have this many posts there!) I have been posting here since about 2-3 weeks prior to adding Hero to our home. I have asked easily a hundred questions if not more and this community is ALWAYS there with answers, links to help me find the answers, videos, pictures, or any other critics/help/advice that is needed for me. Now I know I am not the only one that thinks this or feels this way. I check this site every day and see new people and even some seasoned vets here asking questions every day and without missing a beat, there’s always help there. So I wanted to take a few minutes and just thank everyone here for all the help and support that you guys give!! Whether I am having a bad day and seeing your pups cheered me up, Hero is doing something new and I need to know about it, or anything that pops up to do with anything you guys are always here. I know that is the general gist of a forum community but you guys are so tight knit and always make me feel so welcome! I even accidentally won a book from Shepherd Girl (which I received and started reading tonight and it’s great!) on here and had it sent to my house. I didn’t opt in for the Christmas card swap but I can GARUNTEE that I will be in on that next year!! So from just your average guy, curious and eager to learn I want to thank EVERYONE here! From the admins and seasoned vets to the newbies with those adorable brand new puppy pics…. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I appreciate everything as I am certain many of us here do, and YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! :greet: :gsdbeggin: :thumbup:

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