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selzer 01-01-2013 11:33 PM

What's cookin'?
So I went to Sam's Club a few days ago, and then last night I used my gift card at WalMart to put in some fresh vegetables, and stuff.

Yesterday I stopped at Golden Dawn to pick up a piece of chicken for Babs who was riding shotgun, and ended up with 8 thighs. I shoved the remainder into the trunk and since the temp is cold now in NE Ohio, there was no problem with leaving them in there until I got home in the wee hours this morning.

Anyhow, so I had these six thighs, a box of cans of mushrooms, a box of cans of condensed milk, fresh vegetables, and all day to work on it.

So I peeled my last four potatoes and cut them into little cubes, and did the same with two carrots, and par boiled them for five minutes. I put three thighs in a small roaster in the oven and put it on low broil, and turned them over every 20 minutes. The other three thighs I put in a pot of water with salt, pepper, paptrika, and parsley, and set that to simmer.

Then I took a large onion and sauteed that in butter. And cut up another large onion and put it in the simmering pot. Then I added celery to the frying pan and the simmering pot.

I drained the potatoes and carrots, and left them in the colander while I made a cream sauce with butter and flour and 2 cans of condensed milk.

I added 4 cans of mushrooms with the liquid. I added the sauteed veggies, and the par-boiled veggies, and then cut up some fresh parsley and added that too.

At this point, I had some nice mushroom soup going, and some nice chicken soup going on in the other pot. The chicken in the roaster had been turned three times -- 60 minutes, so I filled the roaster with some of the mushroom soup, and put it on bake at 300. I cut up a mess of carrots and added them to the simmering pot.

Then I took two large onions and sliced them and started frying them in butter. After turning them twice, I added some bread crumbs to that mess. While that was browning, I drained two cans of green beans, and put them in a cassarole, and added some of the mushroom soup. Then I covered that with the onions/breadcrumbs and popped that into the oven.

And then I made rice. While that was cooking I pulled the skin and bones off the chicken thighs in the simmering pot.

I put the oven up to 375 after 45 minutes, so that it would brown the top of the cassarole. And I served the chicken thighs over rice. The rest of the rice I through into the chicken soup.

After that was done, I passed out in front of my computer/spider solitary game, and it was dark out when I woke up.

Nigel 01-02-2013 12:23 AM

Your post made me hungry and tired at the same time. :) most of my cooking has a lot less steps.

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