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Caledon 12-27-2012 10:13 AM

African Grey Parrot
My husband has borught up a parrot throughout the years. I've now caught him on internet sites reasearching this bird, him and my son both on ipads looking at message boards, lol.

Both adult kids are are board with this, as these birds live a long time and both said they would adopt if necessary.

Anyone have one? What should I be aware of. I know they are dusty and need a lot of attention. We have had cockatiels and budgies over the years. All were tame, but none talked. I enjoy birds.

robk 12-27-2012 10:27 AM

I love birds. We have an amazon. I have several friends with Greys though. They seam a little more reaerved than my amazon who thinks he is in charge of the house.

Bear GSD 12-27-2012 10:29 AM

I'm pretty sure Kyleigh has an African Grey, you should PM her.

kiya 12-27-2012 10:34 AM

I had parrots years ago. A blue fronted amazon parrot, a blue & gold macaw and cockatiels. My 2 big birds were not tame when I got them, I thought I could tame them but they were never 100% the cockatiels were absolutely the best as far as temperment. My little parrot, Harley was cool didn't talk much. The macaw was the most destructive, he would chew everything in his way. Unfortunately the mess from feathers & seeds was a lot to deal with. I tried to keep them out of the cages as much as I could. The little guy was cool about hanging out on a perch or on top of his cage but the macaw would wonder and chew anything & everything.
I have heard that African Grey's are the best talkers.
A few years ago a guy we knew became sick and needed to rehome is Cockatoo. I don't remember how old the bird was but not too old. Anyway this guy needed to make sure the bird liked us, he had some quirks about strangers. So my husband and I started visiting them and everything was going good. One day I called and said I was coming over and he told me he woke up and found the bird dead in his cage.
All I could think was thank God that didn't happen after I took the bird to my home.
I would get a bird again as long as it was 100% tame & friendly.

Jelpy 12-27-2012 12:15 PM

Cockatoos are love bugs. They absolutely adore being held and petted. Cockatiels have big bird personalities in little bird bodies. I only had an african grey for a few months but he wasn't as cuddly as a cockatoo.


Gregc 12-27-2012 12:28 PM

I've had a Grey in my home for about 15 years. I love them. They are messy and require some attention daily. They can mimic everything they hear. They are smart, funny, and very interesting. My Grey, Gracie, calls all my dogs by name. tip: keep the dust down by giving then a bath, daily. All you really need is water and a spray bottle.

Stevenzachsmom 12-27-2012 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by Gregc (Post 2664771)
I've had a Grey in my home for about 15 years. I love them. They are messy and require some attention daily. They can mimic everything they hear. They are smart, funny, and very interesting. My Grey, Gracie, calls all my dogs by name. tip: keep the dust down by giving then a bath, daily. All you really need is water and a spray bottle.

Must post pictures of Gracie!!

Thank you!

Kyleigh 12-27-2012 12:35 PM

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Oh yes, I have a grey!!! Her name is Echo, she's 10 and she's a HUGE PITA ... LMAO !!!!!

Echo has about 50-60 words in her vocabulary and about 5 songs that she likes to sing - very loudly and repeated at nauseum. (I've heard Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell ROCK (emphasis on the rock!) about 300 times over 10 minutes. Some days I kick myself for teaching her that one!!!

She is dusty, but I have a humidifier and air purifier (built into the house). I don't have any carpet in the area where she is (or near my other parrot, a quaker). She poops every 15 minutes or so ... so carpet is the LAST thing you want around the cage.

Grey's are extremely intelligent (the same as a 5-year old child), and generally have the emotional stability of a 2-year old. So think about a two-year old throwing a temper tantrum - Echo will do the same thing when she doesn't get her way.

Grey's can be very reserved or very outgoing ... depends on the parrot, and depends on how much you socialize them. I don't socialize mine ... I don't believe in it. Echo's mine, and we are very bonded. Her favourite thing to do is ride on my head while I vaccuum the house.

She loves new toys, but hates a new lamp near her cage (I have yet to figure that one out, and honestly, have given up trying).

They need LOADS of stimulating toys. A well balanced grey is NOT a velcro bird (like the cockatoos LOL) and will happily play on their cage / playstand without demanding your attention.

If you've never had a grey before I recommend one of two things: get a baby (you'll get it around 4 months old) from a breeder, or adopt an older one that is STABLE, i.e. the owner passed away, or had to move, etc. Do NOT get one that has emotional issues, and don't think that if the people say, oh she prefers men, that she'll like you - being female. She won't. I guarantee it. And if it's a male grey, don't think it will like only females, or vice versa. The parrot will bond with the sex of it's owner (or their partner LOL) and that's pretty much it. If it first bonds with a female, it will likely always bond with a female, or vice versa.

Also, if your husband gets one, he better be the one to spend most of the time with it, otherwise, the bird might bond to you, and end up hating your husband - around 5 years old, the parrot becomes sexually mature, you're the mate, jealousy comes out and BANG ... she's going after your husband, because she doesn't want him near you ... can also happen if parrot bonds to your husband and decides it doesn't like you! Parrots are very tricky in this regard.

As for parrots and dogs. If you get a baby grey, it will grow up thinking your dog is part of the "flock". Echo LOVES dogs. My last dog adored Echo and they had an amazing relationship - Echo would feed Abby, tell her to sit, lay down, etc. Abby was the most gentle dog with her it was amazing.

Kyleigh's too hyper and a "light" goes off in her eyes when she sees Echo flutter her wings, or take a bath in her cage. Ky is not allowed in the room when the parrots are out. She's learned not to approach the cage when the birds are in there, and she's in the room. BUT, I wouln't trust Ky as far as I can throw her!!!

I've attached a pic so you can get a general idea of the set up a grey needs to be "properly" stimulated! And, yes, you can be overwhelmed - it cost me over $3000 to outfit "her area" so that she is truly stimulated and well balanced.

Take a really good look at the chair - she chewed the top of it ... it took her about 20 minutes to do that much damage!

Stevenzachsmom 12-27-2012 12:37 PM

Found this thread. I thought you might enjoy.

MaggieRoseLee 12-27-2012 12:40 PM

Because parrots live so long there are a ton of wonderful ones in parrot rescues, just in case your husband/kids hadn't realized that.

Freedom FLights

Parrot Rescue, refuge

Complete Bird Search Engine - Bird Rescue and Adoption

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