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Honestly, with a parrot, especially a grey, I tend to discourage adopting an older bird unless you are an experienced bird owner. There is a lot to be said with getting a parrot young. Yes they are captive bred and raised now, but they are not like dogs. They are a lot more wild than tame if you get one as an adult that hasn't been properly raised and cared for. Parrots tend to bond to one person in the household, and greys are notorious for this. This will not be a family pet like a dog as a rule of thumb. As young birds, they can be pretty social, but as they get older they tend to pick their "person." Also, many parrots can learn very bad habits such as plucking and screaming which are VERY difficult to break once started. If raised properly, this typically won't be an issue, so again, I usually refer most people to look for a breeder or local bird store that specializes in parrots (as opposed to say, a chain petstore like petsmart or petco which don't even sell big birds anymore around here).

I've had a lot of parrots over the years and adopted a few off CL to foster and rehome to an appropriate home, including macaws. I have one keeper parrot - a blue fronted amazon that is a great example of a properly raised parrot, especially an amazon. He's friendly, never bites me, doesn't scream but talks and chatters quite a bit, whistles songs, is not terribly destructive (in parrot terms).

They need a lot of space, a good diet (not seeds - pellets and fresh fruit/veggies are best), lots of interaction, and patience.

Parrots are GREAT if you are prepared. Greys do not tend to be screamers (though they do mimic a LOT and it can get very repetitive and annoying hearing your microwave beep hundreds of times a day, etc), but can be quirky.

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I'll post pics when I return home fom my holiday travel. I acquired Gracie as a young one and spoon fed her. I got her from a breeder.
Also, she is my bird. My family all enjoy her and her antics, but I am the only one who can handle her.

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Thanks for posting. Enjoyed the picture thread too!

I'm going to order a few books and research is needed. We are only in the "let's talk" stage.
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Originally Posted by Gregc View Post
I've had a Grey in my home for about 15 years. I love them. They are messy and require some attention daily. They can mimic everything they hear. They are smart, funny, and very interesting. My Grey, Gracie, calls all my dogs by name. tip: keep the dust down by giving then a bath, daily. All you really need is water and a spray bottle.
Yes including annoying random mechanical sounds. My friends would mimic the most obnoxious sounding metallic squeak.
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Echo can imitate a jackhammer ... to perfection. They were doing construction for an entire summer one year. Thankfully, it's one of the "forgotten" noises and only comes out every now and then. As long as I don't react, she only does it once or twice. It is so loud when she does it that you would think it was in the next room!

GregC ... your grey likes the spray bottle? Lucky you, mine hates it ... she HAS to come INTO the shower with me! If I forget, she simply flies in and joins me LOL

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I own a blue and gold macaw and agree with alot of the posts preceding mine. I suggest you join a few bird forums and ask questions. and are excellent.

I have noticed that many African Greys pluck themselves so that is a topic you may wish to learn more about.

Please bear with my stupid questions. This old dog is learning new tricks. lol.

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J litter
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I know someone who has a boarding kennel and keeps a grey in her office. That dog can mimic the sound of the phone ringing, AND Jane's voice answering the phone. So you'd hear "brrrrrrrring! Good afternoon, xxxxxxx Kennels.....uh-huh.....yes.....please hold....." It was so funny!

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I have a sun conure parrot. Parrots are extremely intelligent. Most do require a lot of attention. When they get bored they can be extremely noisy
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I have a Grey....Magnum is 24 yrs old, I raised him from the day his eyes opened. My mom has his clutchmate.
Because I've had so many parrots, Magnum is like a flock of birds in one body...he mimics many, and the worst is the Moluccan cockatoo scream.
He knows all my families secrets too...LOL.

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Be aware that if you get a baby AG there is no guarantee that your bird will talk. Some AG's prefer imitating noises, some talk, some don't speak a word. If talking is something you expect then you're better off adopting an older bird. I have to disagree with Rerun that a baby bird would be best. Older birds past the first few hormonal years are the best! Plus with older birds their personalities are set and you'll know whether or not they are a good fit with you. AGs are too smart so they require a ton of mental stimulation. They're also on the dusty side, though you should be fine since you've had cockatiels. My dogs and my bird get along fine, but it took a while to get to that stage.


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