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Heron, that sucks that your family doesn't support you. Heck, I support you. I think it's great. If I stop and think about it while I'm eating, I do get nauseous thinking about WHAT I'm eating.

I think I would have a hard time killing an animal to eat it if I bonded with it. I can put my small pets (rats, fish, frogs) down myself if they are ill and dying.. But I couldn't eat Mr Wilson! lol

I'd have to be sure of keeping an emotional distance form the animals if I raised for slaughter.

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my stance is "it's tasty!" I've hunted, raised livestock from birth, slaughtered my own or taken it to the slaughterhouse.
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Originally Posted by Kyleigh View Post
Luckily for me, food isn't really a "thing" and I can take it or leave it! I only eat b/c I get hungry!
Oh, I HATE you! You are probably really skinny, too. I've known several people who just don't care about food, they only eat because they have to... and I so wish I could be that way. I LOVE food, especially sweets like chocolate, bakery goods, etc. and it can get me into trouble if I'm not careful.

Come to think of it, I actually don't each much meat. I can go days or weeks without even thinking about it, and I rarely buy it. DH loves meat, however, so I do cook it for him at least once a week. We've started making time for "dinner dates". His work usually keeps him until 8:00 or later, so we rarely eat together. We pick one night a week where he comes straight home from work for a nice home-cooked meal. I made a small turkey for Thanksgiving, a couple weeks ago I slow-cooked a rack of pork ribs on the smoker, and for Christmas we're having a standing rib roast. Yummo.

If it were just me, I would probably eat meat 2-3 times a month.
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I love beef and I could take or leave chicken or pork most days of the week, but I only eat red meat once a week or less (in any form) for health reasons (no special concern, I just limit them).

I do try to eat lots of fish and shrimp. I *have* caught my own fish and filleted them and I it is MUCH easier than slaughtering a cow or pig you had raised. I also love vegetables, plus they are cheap and good for me so many nights of the week I eat vegetarian food.

We have bought 1/2 a pig from a local farm which makes it easier to get meat that you are ethically okay with. I do have a difficult time finding seafood I approve of sometimes.. typically farmed fish is bad for the environment, but you don't want wild caught from some areas of the world where there are no fishing regulations.
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Yeah I'm not that big on chicken or pork either. I like ham and bacon a lot but dot eat those very often, don't like other forms of pork much.

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We raised chickens for years. We really had them for the eggs, but slaughtered a few for meat. I was fine with it and knew they'd had a pretty cushy life compared to poultry house birds. I don't eat pork very often, I have a small issue with it since I've been around a few and found them to be very intelligent. I will on occasion, but usually not my choice.
I do NOT eat squid or octopus, though. Long story but suffice it to say I became enthralled with one that was in the New Zealand aquarium and my husband and I haven't had any since. This freaks my best friend out because she is from a part of Spain that octopus is a favorite dish and she can't imagine why I won't eat it LOL. We have agreed to disagree, I don't begrudge her the joy of her national dish, I just skip it and smile.
I could probably be a vegetarian except my husband does most of the cooking around here and so we eat what he prepares. He is a great cook, so no complaints.
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I like meat. I understand that animals are raised for meat. Frankly, nature is not pretty, starvation is ugly and it happens naturally in the wild. So does the ripping and tearing of herbivores by carnivores.

I do not want to see animals abused, but I do not insist on free-range chickens and any specially raised meats. I mean, maybe I can pay the extra for myself, but no way can I ensure that all my dogs are eating only meat that is raised and slaughtered in any special way. So if I am willing to buy bargain meats for them, or dog food, than buying only specially raised meat for myself is kind of hypocritical.

I guess I see it as more important for my dogs to have eggs, and chicken than it is for me to ensure that all the chickens in the world are raised a certain way. If that makes me a bad person, oh well, I am still going to feed my dogs chicken and eggs, and I will eat the same chicken and eggs that they do.

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I will eat anything that doesnt eat me first. I am a carnivor. Meat and potatoes pretty much every day in some form or the other. I tolerate anything green only because I know its good for me. I eat a lot fruits and veggies but somewhere on that plate there better be some meat. My favorite is a medium rare steak. Chicken is doable if its fried. Baked is like...I guess if I have to. Sea food is good as long as it comes out of the deep fryer. I've also ate my fair share of squrells and rabits. Also not bad. Between meals im usually chewin on some beef jerky.

BEEF!!! Its whats for dinner.

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I like beef, but it is too expensive.

Chicken seems to be the meat of choice on my budget.

I like various cuts of pork, bacon, and sausage.

I like rabbit but I never get it, since Dad stopped hunting, and I am too lazy, and too cheap to buy a hunting license.

I don't like deer, but I can stomach it if only to get the rotten rodents off the roads.

I like pheasant and grouse, but Dad doesn't hunt anymore.

I like walleye, relatively small, very fresh and broiled with a little butter.

I like orange roughy made the same way.

No other fish, the only other sea food I like are peel and eat shrimp and mushroom stuffed crab or crab stuffed mushrooms.

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I like meat - filet especially! and great burgers....chicken and pork are regular menu choices - not so much since I found worms in raw orange roughy from a reputable fish market - love lobster, shrimp, scallops and crab.....I have eaten venison, pheasant, rabbit...I cannot fathom the joy people get from hunting and taking the life of an animal - unless we had a total sci-fi like end of the world situation, I cannot imagine killing an animal to eat it...

I love animals - I hate hearing/knowing about the meat industy....

I am a total hypocrite because I eat meat and enjoy it....


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