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ShenzisMom 12-12-2012 07:01 PM

Hey everyone :)

I recently got my first tarantula, a b.smithi I named Zuri. Its name means 'cute'. I got him/her to get over my fear of spiders.

Zuri is currently about 1" and pretty fat :)

Would love to hear from other keepers and see pictures! I must admit I LOVE pokies, but would never be able to keep one :(

Will upload pics soon!

GatorDog 12-12-2012 07:29 PM

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Awesome! I got into tarantulas (and snakes/lizards&everything else) when I met my bf about 2 years ago. Our collection has tripled since then! I think we have around 15 tarantulas total. They're all super addictive little guys.

Avicularia versicolor - I think they are the prettiest ones we've had so far. The colors are so incredible.

Poecilotheria regalis- She's a little baby in these pics. She's giant now and it's impossible to get good pictures. She's so fast!!

Grammostola rosea

Haplopelma lividum- Quite nasty..

We also have an Avicularia avicularia, Pterinochilus murinus, Poecilotheria ornataand a Brachypelma emilia, which I don't have any current shots of (I'll have to work on that)

We've got quite a few snakes and geckos too! :) And a tortoise!

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