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Depends on who you ask ultimately everyone is inherently a good person, nature vs nurture plays in to this debate I guess.

Anyways, I do what I can to help those in need but also feel it important to be a tad selfish in some moments. I have a big heart but can be a little bitter/jaded at times.

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Courtney M.
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Am I good person? Not sure depends on the measuring stick

I've lied
I've stolen
I've hurt people
Ive taken advantage of situations and people

I've cuddled my daughters and wife
I puts my family first
When someone gives me too much change I give it back
I try to help out where we can
I donate to charities

Am I good person? Measured to some no to others yes.

My wife loves me (I hope lol) my kids love me. My dog loves me, my cats tolerate me so I can't be doing that bad

I think that most people will consider themselves good.

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I have lied. I have stolen. I have said mean things about people.

I have never purposefully caused a person or animal harm. I try to be nice to everyone.

I don't consider myself good or bad. I just am.
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Better than some....worse than some.... Could be better.....could be worse.

I have given thought in the past about what motivates me to do "good" things. Most people think I am very laid back and nice. They should only know what evil goes through my mind...heh heh heh
Seriously though, I have often wondered about the good that people do. sometimes I think that when I do "good" things for others, it ultimately gives me some kind of a reward, be it physical, mental or emotional reward. I often wonder if perhaps most things I do, are deep down done for some selfish gain. But I don't really know.
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I'm a saint!
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You know... I think about this sometimes too. I often wonder if I'm everything my parents hoped for me to be... or heck, even what I intended to become.

I'm not. I still have a lot to do with degrees and such. I don't have a job to be 'proud of' or use any of my brain.... it pays the bills, it affords our lifestyle and the dogs... but I could do better. I know I can. Just haven't had the ability to go finish everything I need to. I have never meant to betray or hurt anyone... but, I know I have unintentionally. I've let people down, I've caused some trouble here and there, and I have a mouth I really need to learn to shut too often. Like you, I tend to be overly honest. It gets me in trouble, and I'm sure it's been a bit hurtful at times. I am also known for not wording things properly. I am misunderstood sometimes. I'm an alpha personality and can be stubborn.... at times, I don't listen and have to learn on my own, the hard way. I am known to be a firecracker. I'm very good at remaining calm and collected, and avoid conflict. But once you light that fuse..... you better run! I drive my SO crazy at times (especially with my OCD tenancies). I don't consider myself an easy person.... I will definitely admit to that.

However, I try to help everyone in anyway I can. I try to be there for everyone, even if it means sacrificing things in my own life. I always think of others feelings/well being before my own. I stand up for what I believe is right and I don't back down. I am devoted 150% to those I love. I do whatever I can to please others. I used to volunteer with horses, dogs, and cats. Everything from rescued wild mustangs, to pit bulls of the street, to little 1 day old kittens with no mamma and nasty respiratory infections. I consider myself compassionate. I'm not selfish, I'm not vindictive or revengeful. I don't lie, or break the law (ok.. maybe the occasional speed limit... That's it though!). I've never done drugs and only casually drink a little with my SO and friends every once in a while. I take care of those around me.... and they know it. I'm loyal and giving to a fault... I've gotten hurt a lot from this. It's just who I am.

At the end of the day, I consider myself a good person... but, there is room for change for sure. I'm not who I should, and KNOW I can be. Though... who's perfect? Everyone on this planet can improve on something. How I see it, half the battle is just recognizing, understanding, and admitting where the change needs to occur.

I like this thread... it's a good reminder that we are all human.

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I try to think I'm a good person, but reality is I have done nothing to prove it. Yes I love my family and friends and yes I'm a nice person; however, I don't go the extra mile to be a good person. Sometimes I wonder what have I done in the 24 years of my life that I can be proud off and truth is nothing. I hate my job, I am not a fan of college right now, but I still stay with my daily routine M-F of going to work and college. I've always wanted to help people in ways but I can never get myself to do it. I've made fun of people when I was in High School. Actually, I bullied a few. I'm not proud of it at all. Now that I'm 24 years old I wish I can go back and change that.

My dog Schatzi has made me see life in a different way. Sometimes I even snap at her and I feel like the worst person in the world. Yet, she never holds a grudge against me. That being said, I've become more patient and loving thanks to her. Heck I even found something I enjoy doing and that is training. Sometimes I feel like quitting my job and college and just focus my time on learning everything I can about training and dogs and help out people in the community with training theirs. Life is fragile and I hope one day I can just push myself and do what I really want to do and that is become a trainer and help people with their dogs.

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evil person here .

i'm just rotten
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I'm not sure anyone can really be objective enough to make that kind of judgment about themselves. Or at least thats how it is for me. I guess it all depends on how you define "good"

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Good and bad really are subjective terms. What is good to another may not be to someone else. This actually comes up often in many pagan circles, especially in regards to things like curses, hexes, jinxes etc. The conversations are usually very interesting and gets very deep.

People are not perfect, we make mistakes and we can't make everyone happy. I don't think you can measure how good you are by what other people think, or even what you do for others. If you are only doing something for others because you feel you have to as apposed to wanting to, then that may or may not make you a good person. It boils down to what is in your own heart.

I can be a B. Big time. I can be blunt, passionate about a subject and sometimes just down right rude if I want to be. There are times when I am NOT a nice person. Does that make me a bad person? I don't think so

However, that is not all of who I am. Coming home one night from a friends house, we round the corner and in a parking lot on a hill is a wrecked car, can't miss it. It was BAD, the front end of his car was pretty much gone and it looked like he was in a head on. We got closer, stopped, got out and there was a man in the car. Out cold, bleeding from his mouth and ears. He hit the light pole, yes, with that much force and we have no idea how, or why. NO ONE else stopped. Plenty of people passed by, but no one stopped. We stayed with him until help arrived. Does that make me a good person? I don't think so

I think as long as you aren't some mass murdering raping crazy psycho then you're probably not a bad person. lol

Or the person who puts mushrooms on my pizza -_-


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