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selzer 05-19-2014 12:00 AM

Question for breeders about hand-washing
Ok, I have two litters, one with 2 six week old pups, and one with 7 four week old pups. On Monday, I mowed the lawn and got sun-poisoning again -- you would think I would learn. Well, anyway, my hands are a mess.

And, I am washing them so much that they are cracked and bleeding all over. I wash them after I pick up puppies for whatever reason, and I wash them between dealing with the different litters, like, after I clean the one box, I will wash my hands and then go in and clean the other box, and then wash my hands. I feed them 4 times a day, and wash my hands before and in-between feeding each litter, and then when I am done.

And I will play with them when they are not eating, and then wash my hands.

Does anyone have any tips on what to do to promote healing for my hands. This is one thing where gloves are out of the question. But somethering my hands it lotions seems like a bad Idea as well.

angelas 05-19-2014 12:15 AM

Darn. No gloves or lotion. There went my ideas.

When I used to do that same thing (washing hands every 5 minutes all day) sometimes I would have to resort to either hydrocortisone lotion (at most twice a day for a couple days) or a liberal application of a good lotion (Neutragena's Norwegian Formula) and then into a pair of plastic gloves for the night.

Outside of that, maybe a moisturizing hand soap. Are you using an alcohol based hand sanitizer after washing? Those can dry skin out like crazy, and with proper hand washing technique they aren't necessary.

Nigel 05-19-2014 12:23 AM

I wreck my hands at work, grease, dirt, welding heat, chemicals, multiple washing etc... They end up getting cracked, bleeding. Just use lotion a time or two before bed otherwise you'll just wash it off again. Usually works in a couple days for me.

misfits 05-19-2014 12:38 AM

Bag Balm from the feed store. Better than any lotion you can buy.

selzer 05-19-2014 12:41 AM

No alcohol based hand sanitizers. I use the bottle of reddish germ-killing stuff that they use on dogs, real common, the name will not come up. Starts with a b, I think. Or antibacterial dial soft soap in the bathroom, and dishwashing liquid in the kitchen. Just depends which direction I am going in next as to where my hands get washed.

I can apply lotion before bed, I will try that. I have some aveno stuff that seems pretty good. I do have sensitive skin anyway. I have also been accused of being a chronic hand washer by one of my doctors years ago, just hard on the skin. I am very careful to avoid unnecessary scented stuff in soaps, etc, anyway. And with the sun, well, I can't be outside for more than a few minutes without getting some reaction.

selzer 05-19-2014 12:41 AM


Originally Posted by misfits (Post 5534834)
Bag Balm from the feed store. Better than any lotion you can buy.

I think I have a jar in my car. That's a good idea. I will try that tonight.

Colie CVT 05-19-2014 01:00 AM

Out of curiosity, why no gloves?

middleofnowhere 05-19-2014 01:13 AM

quit the antibacterial soap. It's unnecessary & actually harmful as it builds more drug resistant bacteria. Also hard on your skin.

Use good quality lotion (Eucerin is one brand) or cream. Cheap or moderate lotion just isn't the same.

AngelaA6 05-19-2014 02:19 AM

For soap my dermatologist said to use just basic dove bar soap. I have really bad eczema I ended up having to leave my job because the excessive washing where I had to wash my hands like three different times within a five minute period for eight hours or more. I was literally scratching chunks of skin off it was so bad by the time I ended up quitting.

For lotion before I was prescribed with Mometasone Furoate I used Aveeno Eczema lotion which was great but I also used Bag Balm.

I also used latex free nitrile gloves anytime I had to come in contact with water or something that would make me need to wash my hands excessively.

Good luck with the itching, cracking and bleeding hands :( I know it's a tough one to deal with.

Twyla 05-19-2014 08:20 AM

During winter, my hands 99% of the time end up with cracks, sometimes bleeding. What has worked best for me anyway is vit e oil. I just poke a hole in the capsules, squeeze the oil out spread on my hands. I'll layer it sometimes with coconut oil, but have to watch out that the brats don't follow me around trying to lick the coconut off.

And yeah, the antibacterial soap .... is making your hands worse with the drying.

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