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AMarie 03-25-2014 05:25 PM

My "German Shepherd" puppy...
I purchased a "German Shepherd" puppy from a lady and since, I'm not sure if I'm convinced she's full blooded. She's all tan (the tan has gotten a little darker) with a black muzzle. When you brush her coat back you can see black in the undercoat and her tail/back legs have a black tint to them like they'll grow out to be black. I was told she was 7 weeks when I got her, and now at 11 weeks she just doesn't seem she's as big as she should be. She's growing quite well, but every other GSD pup I see seem to be leggy with bigger heads, her legs are starting to grow out, so maybe her head is about to hit a growth spurt too? I'm not sure how much she weighs but she's a stout little booger and is pretty heavy. Whether she's full blooded or not I'll love her anyways, I just want some other opinions. Someone mentioned before about blonde GSDs and I never knew there was a "blonde" GSD color. What do you think????

mego 03-25-2014 05:57 PM

need to see pics for best guess, but unless you have papers no way to guarantee 100 percent if something is full blooded

my boy diesel 03-25-2014 05:58 PM

she looks very mixed to me sorry
possibly with boxer as her muzzle seems very short for a gsd

AMarie 03-25-2014 06:10 PM

mego, there's pictures of her and her parent's in my album titled "Ginger" :)

AMarie 03-25-2014 06:20 PM

Someone suggested "blonde GSD" and while it may not be the "desired" coloration I'm not interested in registering or showing my dog. I'm in love with the breed for it's temperament and personality, which is why I care if she's mixed or not. I paid for a full blooded so I expect a full blooded. I'm thinking she was the runt because she was the last one left. Nobody picked her :( And probably because of the color she is and possibly being the smaller one. BUT I've heard sometimes the runt ends up being the biggest one! :p She's definitely got that herding instinct, you should see her running with my daughter through the yard! She knows not to bite, but you should see her try to head her off. LOL it's a hoot! As for the small muzzle, in the pic of her mom she looks like she's got kindof a short snout. However, her head does seem a little small and legs not quite as long as most pups her age. But could that be the case if she were the runt, not necessarily mixed? Forgive me if I seem argumentative, I'm totally not trying to be. I'm mostly trying to debunk that she's mixed. Lol

HarleyTheGSD 03-25-2014 07:16 PM

Maybe, maybe not. Too young for me to tell. My male's muzzle was very short at this age.

my boy diesel 03-25-2014 07:22 PM

I'm not sure if I'm convinced she's full blooded.

from your first post :shrug:

zyppi 03-25-2014 07:27 PM

Pretty pup but probably a mix?

Keep her, love her and train her and you will be rewarded!

coulter 03-25-2014 07:32 PM

If say mixed, but the color throws me off

AMarie 03-25-2014 09:25 PM


Originally Posted by my boy diesel (Post 5268290)
I'm not sure if I'm convinced she's full blooded.

from your first post :shrug:

Yes I said that because of her size. Since then someone brought up blonde GSD and she looks just like those pups. If the lady is true to her word and the pictures she sent me of the puppy's parents are REALLY her parents then yes she's full blooded. I just wanted to hear what other people thought and if I'm just looking too hard at her.

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