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Tratkins 05-08-2014 12:47 PM

Other dogs = Furniture! He got it!
Around 4 months Samson became very dog reactive and would go nuts barking and lunging at other dogs. Our last camping trip was so much fun EXCEPT when he saw another dog! I knew we had to jump right on this behavior and have been working relentlessly on it. We are an active family and want to take our dog with us everywhere we can, but his behavior was downright embarrassing! We were the doggy/mommy couple at training that had to work far off in the corner because he couldn't be near the other dogs and focus on me.

Fast forward to this week (he was 5 months last week), our training ended in a circle with all of the handlers and our dogs and he did great! He settled right beside me and rested his head and relaxed.

Yesterday, we went to a local desert park that is very desolate with very wide trails. When I saw another dog headed towards us, I turned around and went the other way not giving him a chance to bark. TODAY...I got brave and decided to pass the other oncoming dogs. When he spotted the dog, I just said "oh look there's a puppy...leave it" and we kept right on trucking (this in addition to lots of under threshold training in recent weeks). I spoke politely to the owners and just kept going. He passed 6 dogs and only barked at one that barked at him first. He let out one bark and kept moving so I was happy with that. The last dog barked at him like crazy and Samson didn't even look up! YAY!! Major progress for my boy and me today!! I love seeing all of the other dogs and their owners, but those that gave the advice in here that our dogs don't need to interact with every dog they see hit the nail on the head. For now, other than friends' dogs and doggy day care occasionally, he is just for me!

He is very exhausted from his effort! Lol


Shade 05-08-2014 01:11 PM

That's wonderful, good job! :D

Chip18 05-08-2014 01:16 PM

Good job! Nothing to see here dog move along!:)

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