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Ellimaybel 04-29-2014 03:27 AM

A lot of fuss for nothing
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Today I heard the dogs barking outside and could tell they were rushing the fence. I opened the door to find someone on foot turning into the driveway. Both dogs came instantly when called (thank goodness!) and came inside. I walked off to put on a sweatshirt before they got to the door. The man knocked on the door and Gunther went into crazy psycho barking mode. I put him in a sit but he broke it when I cracked the door. The man heard Gunther barking and raised his hand in peace offering and then backed up about 4 feet to show he meant no harm. I verified he was there to change the meters (we had gotten a letter from the electric company) and before I could shut the door Cyclone (the miniature rat terrier) ran out under Gunther's legs to sniff the guy. The poor guy jumped a foot. Of course I still sent the husband out to check things out since the contractor had no uniform or visible ID and walked up with no vehicle in sight. All checked out and that's good. I'm glad Gunther did his job and showed enough to protect me even if it wasn't ever a threat. Maybe this sign helped too?

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