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weberhaus 04-19-2014 12:39 AM

THE GRIM and Honor
I wanted to share that Grim got his V rating KKL and FH1 its kind of hard to grasp it really. It was a lot of work.
so now he is
U-CH V- Grim z Jeniku IPO3 FH1 BH AD KKL
SG- Honor z vom Weberhaus IPO1 BH

Honor's track was 96 points for A V rated track also.

Grim's track was 5 hours old and 80 points but a very hard track plus then went into the show ring for his V ..

Happy training to everyone.

elisabeth_00117 04-19-2014 12:44 AM

Still so excited for you about ALL of your accomplishments with your dogs so far!

Go team Weberhaus! ;)

Glacier 04-19-2014 02:41 AM

I'm sure it's nice when all that hard work pays off.

Mister C 04-19-2014 07:47 AM

Congratulations! Lots of hard work and dedication to get so far and it's great to see it pay off.

wolfstraum 04-19-2014 08:52 AM



carmspack 04-19-2014 09:00 AM

huge congratulations .

Shade 04-19-2014 09:35 AM


weberhaus 04-29-2014 11:34 PM

Thank you all. I never would have guessed that i would have enjoyed tracking so much to train for an FH. But I am so glad i did and very happy with how well my dogs have done.
Honor also rocked her track and did a good job with all the hard work we put in. Now to get her a KKL and maybe a V

Gwenhwyfair 04-30-2014 10:38 AM


On my wish list someday, a Weberhaus dog. :)

I really appreciate any kennel that puts that much work into their dogs, not only for working titles but conformation titles as well.

Wild Wolf 04-30-2014 01:08 PM

Huge congrats, love Grim!!

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