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Ellimaybel 04-15-2014 03:43 AM

Never thought I'd see the day
I wish I could post photos from my computer on here besides in the photo gallery. I threw a blanket down on Gunther (it's not really for him but he thinks it is) and my little girl cat Cleo crawled down. She did the kneading thing on his hip for a minute and then curled up on top of the blanket on his side and went to sleep. He has never been mean to her at all, he even tries to comfort her during storms. Though having a 10 pound paw thrown on you when you're scared is hardly reassuring. Anyway, while never mean to her he is usually over attentive and constantly can't leave her alone, trying so hard to be her friend. Now here they both are next to me, her curled up on top of him and he just sleeping soundly. I'm so proud of my boy!

Mary Beth 04-15-2014 09:16 PM

Lucky kitty Cleo to have Gunther for a friend. To post photos from your computer, click on advanced below the message box, then click on attachments. If the photos are big, they may need to be resized.

Ellimaybel 04-15-2014 09:20 PM

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Figured it out a little bit ago lol

petite 04-16-2014 09:57 AM

That is so sweet! Gunther looks pleased to have Cleo's company. :)

Daisy&Lucky's Mom 04-16-2014 12:24 PM

Great photo. Gunther and Cleo look like they are ready to nap! A nap w/ a friend is a very good thing.Gunther you rule!

anonymouse71 04-17-2014 02:55 AM

love the photo. what a beautiful shepherd! :)

SuperG 04-17-2014 10:30 AM

Gunther looks like he is ready for breakfast in bed.....


misslesleedavis1 04-17-2014 11:18 AM

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Slept like that for 4 hours straight.

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Curtis 04-17-2014 12:04 PM


Originally Posted by Ellimaybel (Post 5377793)
I threw a blanket down on Gunther (it's not really for him but he thinks it is)

They have a way of making these things their own. :-D

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