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Mikki 08-27-2014 08:03 PM

Can somebody please explain these pedigrees to me
Hi all,
I'm taking home a female puppy in 2 weeks :) I'm posting links below to the pedigrees of the parents (I do not have a pedigree for my puppy as of yet).

Agatha Von Der Artur

Ara Von Der Artur

I have absolutely no intentions of breeding my puppy, just competing in some fun events with her (I'm hoping for agility!). I would like to learn all I can about my puppy prior to taking her home, and I'm hoping that somebody can explain the pedigrees to me in order for me to learn not only more about the breed, but my particular puppy as well. Thank you in advance for your time, this site has been very helpful thus far.

RunShepherdRun 07-01-2015 02:37 PM

It's an old post, but since OP posted a picture of the now 10 mths old pup under 'Critique my dog' I'll have a go:

Gunnar Max Von Der Artur

Most dogs in the pedigree are from West German show lines. Titled dogs are four to five generations back. The conformation is moderate German show, i.e. not the dogs selected for a heavy boned, mastiff like body and head as they are now placed high at the BSZS. A matter of taste, and among show lines I personally prefer the moderate structure which may come with better temperament as the dogs weren't selectively bred for an extreme conformation at the exclusion of sound dogs w/ a moderate conformation. Not titled means more of a gamble in terms of courage and temperament.

The maternal grandsire comes from a kennel named Timberlane that I haven't heard of. Either pet or American show perhaps with some WGSL. These dogs have not been titled in many generations.

What concerns me is that few of the recent dogs have had hips and elbows x-rayed and results recorded in the OFA database. Neither of the parents were checked for HD and ED.

The maternal grandsire's line doesn't show any HD/ED testing at all, and the maternal grandam's line only four generations back, and then only HD.

In the paternal line, both the granddam and paternal great grandsire have only OFA 'fair' ratings. While one can breed with a 'fair' rated dog, and should if the dog is otherwise very breed worthy in structure and performance, care should be taken to breed such a dog only to dogs with good or excellent ratings in the recent to intermediate background. The HD and ED ratings are a guide to breeders in mate choice, and this information was not used by the breeder of the pup's sire. Who seems to also be the breeder of the pup herself.

The absence of titles and of HD/ED testing should be reflected in the purchase price of the puppies.

You can get a very nice and healthy puppy out of such casually made breeding. The absence of HD/ED testing doesn't mean the pups have HD/ED problems, but testing and taking the results into account is a question of stacking the deck in favor of health. And a responsible breeder does test, for the sake of the pups and their owners, and for the sake of the breed. So I would keep an eye on any signs of potential hip and elbow issues.

Since the breeder didn't HD/ED test (or didn't make the findings public in the OFA database, less likely), I assume s/he also didn't do any other health tests such as cardiac auscultation, DM, eyes, etc. You might want to check the paperwork for that. A responsible breeder tests breeding dogs for that as well.

I like the looks of the 10 mths old. I hope she comes along nicely in terms of temperament and health. Fingers crossed, good luck with your pup!

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