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Joaquin 07-01-2014 06:42 PM

Lines for broad&substantial heads
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Hello everybody,

I lost my loved dog to a cervical tumour not long ago and now I am looking for a type of dog that I don't seem to find in show lines of the GSD. My previous dog was an obedience and tracking Lab. I now feel I want to share my time with a breed with more protective instinct.

I am attaching a picture of the tYpe of head and expression I am looking for, I found him browsing the Internet, his name is Wyatt von Hena-c. I am not interested in this dog in particular but on identifying bloodlines with this type of head. I am aware that DDR bloodlines are heavier boned and more substantial heads, I really want to go further and identify specific bloodlines or breeders. I am completely new to the breed.

Thanks everybody!!!! I REALLY CAN USE YOUR HELP.


NB: As a side note, the dog I am looking for is to participate in different sports but an amateur level (no need for civil/real/border patrol dogs). I also understand that DDR lines come from border patrol dogs so i might be contradicting myself. I have a newborn daughter.

lhczth 07-02-2014 09:59 AM

You might contact von Hena-C since you like the looks of her dogs.
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You will most likely find the heads you want in the DDR lines, but they can show up in some of the other lines too.

Not all DDR dogs were boarder patrol dogs and most of the dogs bred now are very far removed from any boarder patrol lines except in some of the Czech/Slovak imports.

Liesje 07-02-2014 11:49 AM

Boy von Zorra is also a dog that has a big, broad head and is a beautiful dark sable male. He looks Eastern euro/DDR, but is not. I have trained and also know several of his progeny and they are good dogs, excel at many sports and the ones I know tend to be safe, social type dogs. My Boy son was very good with kids. I don't know whether he always throws his head, that would depends on the combination of lines/the bitch but I do recommend him as far as the "look" you seek and the temperament you may want in a working line, athletic dog that is good for a family. There are a few other members/breeders on this forum that have bred litters by Boy.

Gunther der Heinz 07-06-2014 05:23 PM

Jinopo and Alpine are your friends.

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