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AJT 05-10-2014 08:10 PM

Insight into Ava dad's bloodline?
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I'm not well-versed in bloodlines (just an average pet owner that is crazy over GSDs) but I looked up one of my dog's father in pedigree database. Link here - Curtis vom Nobleheim

Mom's link here - Liberty Belle Perkins

I know mom was just a pet dog, so I'm not expecting to find the equivalent of an Olympic champion in the bloodlines. Maybe something cool from the dad?

Any insight? Was one of Ava's ancestor an awesome herder or maybe a cool dog sport champion? I don't know, so i'm just curious. Maybe they were all chill couch potatoes. Regardless, Ava is a sweetie but just wondered about her family history. I know I am romanticizing a bit, but I'm bumming on the couch and thought I ask all the knowledgable people here.

gsdsar 05-10-2014 08:21 PM

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So you are right on the dam line. No notable dogs.

On the sire side, and take note that I stink at bloodlines, it looks like the sires grandfather is Ursus v Batu. Who is a very well known show dog from Germany. He is in a lot pedigrees. Hopefully someone can tell you more about him. I know my first GSD had him in her pedigree as well.

The sire line is chock full of winning German show dogs. All of the V and VA in the front if the name denote show position. So VA1 means they won the show(super simplified) But any VA is great, as is V.

By the way, your girl is gorgeous!!!!!

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AJT 05-10-2014 08:42 PM

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Thanks gsdsar! I get lots of compliments about her because of the coloring of her face. My other one has a black mask and you can't see anything but ears. I just told Ava what you wrote below and she flopped over and sighed as if she was saying, "whatever."

So lots of German show dog champs. pretty cool. Hoping carmspack and some of the other bloodline experts here and chime in! In the meantime, here is another pic!

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