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NateB 05-06-2014 02:52 AM

Dino vom Schäferliesel
Does anyone have any dogs related to or know any dogs related to Dino vom Schäferliesel? I am interested in a dog from one of his litters. I am wondering if you can tell me about any characteristics he and his offspring posses. Also, if you could include a pic of the dogs then that would be great! Thanks again!

carmspack 05-06-2014 10:17 AM

I have a daughter of Duke Schaferliesel Airdrie Hill vom Schmetterling

SunCzarina 05-06-2014 11:23 AM

Otto's grandsire is half brother to Dino's dam, is that close enough?

In Otto, that's the kinder gentler side of the pedigree.

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