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BriskaBoo13 03-22-2014 08:33 AM

Difference between East and West lines
Okay, I have my own opinion based on being around different lines of GSD, however, on Facebook I got in an argument with a breeder after someone asked what the difference was between an East German, DDR GSD and a West German GSD. I asked if she meant west working line or west show line. This breeder said their is no difference at all, that they are all just GSD. He said that people made up that there was any difference and called them lines so they had a selling point. I am hoping to not get in an argument over this question but I am curious as to what a GSD community of people think.
This breeder breeds what I call American show line, he doesn't called them a line cause lines don't exist. I know there have been discussions on different lines but I want to put this out there to just ease my mind if I am wrong about there being differences in DDR, West working, West show and American show dogs. My biggest thing is why would they all be called by different names if there wasn't a difference lol. He says marketing ploy. But to me even a novice person should be able to visually see a physical difference let alone someone that breeds the breed, right? And physical traits aren't the only differences I've observed. But he breeds GSD, so maybe I am wrong?? :crazy::confused::confused:

BriskaBoo13 03-22-2014 09:30 AM

LOL, just read the post about the genetic study of the different "lines" guess the breeder was wrong after all. Perhaps that breeder just likes to get in argument that make him look ignorant? Also, just went to look at his website again and it is gone, now just a training page. Perhaps breeding wasn't really his thing anymore lol. Sorry for the double question, I was just shocked a breeder wouldn't be able to at least see the physical differences.

SunCzarina 03-22-2014 10:50 AM

The internet is full of whackos who like to spout off their opinion. Any fool can create a website. Kinda scares me this person *was* breeding but I'm not into american dogs.

I'll leave it to someone more qualified than me to explain the difference between west german show lines and west german working but I can see how a noob breeder with a big ego could get them confused!

I only clicked on this thread because I love both East (DDR) and West German working lines. My last 2 males have been DDRs and my other dogs other lines (except czech, I don't need that level of insanity). My 14 month old female Venus is 1/4th american working (opposed to show) mostly west german working and a schosh DDR, just enough to give her a sense of humor.

The DDR boys would chase anything that moved but couldn't herd a cat out of a wetpaper bag. They don't den. They've been less independent, very loving and definitely more hard headed. 50 years segregation did more than change the bone structure.

BriskaBoo13 03-22-2014 11:40 AM

I agree completely. The physical appearance isn't the only thing that is different but to me is one even a novice dog person (not even GSD person) should be able to see. I just couldn't believe anyone would say there is no difference. I have a DDR/German working line girl with a grandmother that is German show. I have been around DDR lines and they are great! Czech are pretty stinkin intense lol.
Also when it was a breeding page (yes, seems like anyone can make a website now) it was stated that there was no way to test for DM and that anyone that says their dogs are DM clear is lying because the only way to check that is doing a necropsy on a dog. LOL I guess I should have know this was a crazy person. Because even that is a lie. I just don't get people. :crazy:

glowingtoadfly 03-22-2014 03:05 PM

I'd be interested to know why Czech dogs have a reputation of being intense.. My girl who is part Czech definitely fits the stereotype.

SunCzarina 03-22-2014 07:35 PM

Otto's 100% DDR and he's always been an intense dog. I found my west german dogs were more jack of all trade, master of none. More true to the intent of the breed as an utility dog. Opposed to the DDRs who were masters of protection and chasing the shpoo out of anything that moved - especially a ball.

eh, DM, I lost Morgan to that. The science hasn't been perfected yet. The DNA test to say they have the markers for it can't tell you if the dog is affected by it. It's a horrible heartbreaking disease but there was just a thread a couple days ago about an 8 year old named Princess who was going to be participating in some new research. I'm hopeful.

ramu3527 03-22-2014 09:01 PM

What is DM?

Freestep 03-22-2014 09:11 PM


Originally Posted by BriskaBoo13 (Post 5247258)
This breeder said their is no difference at all, that they are all just GSD. He said that people made up that there was any difference and called them lines so they had a selling point.

This sounds like something an ignorant BYB (who is trying to sound smart) would say.

Lucy Dog 03-22-2014 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by ramu3527 (Post 5250210)
What is DM?

Canine degenerative myelopathy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ramu3527 03-22-2014 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by lucy dog (Post 5250298)



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