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matthewm11 02-27-2014 11:36 AM

do some lines express more of one of the three landraces that were used to create bre
From my limited research and correct me when when wrong but von stephanitz purchased Horand; a type of dog called a thuringian shepherd that are smallish, gray sable, wolflike in penotype and on the sharp high strung side. He added bigger and mellower sheep dogs from wurrtenburg to add bone size and balance the temperment. Are these the dogs responsible for the classic red with black saddle
and muzzle? A third landrace from Swambia was added which were used mostly as service dogs, right? Any one familiar withtheir look and temperment?

I have heard working lines have a greater percentage of thuringian blood hence the less exagerated phenotype and sable colors common in these dogs, along with more drive and sharpness.

Do highlines contain a stronger percntage of one of these founding types? How about ASLs? Also are there lines that are nicely balanced among the three?

meldy 02-27-2014 12:14 PM

Someone mentioned these same lines in my thread...Im curious to read the answer!

Liesje 02-27-2014 12:51 PM

I think that the major splits with the WGSL and ASL have happened due to backmassing on dogs a lot more recent, but of course those dogs would have more or less of the three main types in their blood, so indirectly I think the answer is yes.

carmspack 02-27-2014 01:01 PM

Are these the dogs responsible for the classic red with black saddle
and muzzle? ------------- NO - go to the schutzhund vs protection training thread

go to ice berg breeders

go to genetic obedience

go to genetics of herding

matthewm11 03-23-2014 09:03 PM

I know i posted this question a little while back but i appreciate the answers as well as the thorough and informative pm a member was kind enough to send discussing how the various landraces lent themselves to the final profuct.
Thinking about my origional question, I would guess the post war split in Germany and the different aims and objectives dogs in the west versus the east were bred for accounts for differences between highline and ddr/czech working lines, meanwhile American breeders were breeding for confimation or the pet market and different trends in the dogs look brought the American in a different direction.
The threads on iceburg effect of breeding and genetic obedience and herding were fascinating. I read an interview of a famous German trainer and breeder of herding GSDs, (im sure you guys know who i mean-i belive his last name was 'mayne') who spoke of genetic obedience. My older dog is a husky gsd mix and has plenty of that spitz stubborness. My new addition who is a rescue but seems pb, wow i really see what that means. Willing to please and teachable. Responds to praise as a reward. Will respond even if engaged in highly stimulating behavior- and this is a one year old pup ive had for only a month. Im also learning a thing or two about intensity but thats a different subject for a different thread

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