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idahospud49 12-09-2012 03:54 PM

Slowly trying to learn more
So I am slowly trying to gather more insight and knowledge about pedigrees and bloodlines. Soooo I am going to be brave and put Glock's pedigree up. :) Obviously, he's my baby and I in the end it doesn't any difference, but I would like to have more knowledge for my next dog. So here it is, thoughts comments, etc.

Glock von der Canyon

Ace952 12-13-2012 04:05 PM

what did the breeder tell you about it?

GSDGenes 01-02-2013 04:25 AM

Check the 6 generation pedigree for your dog and you'll learn even more about what's behind him.
6 generation long pedigree for Glock von der Canyon

He is out of Czech working and border patrol lines, DDR lines, and German working lines. He has quite a few well known working dogs and lines behind him.

GCK9 02-19-2013 11:45 AM

I bred Glock. Glocks sire Dyks is out of a litter that all had passing hd ed and all had working titles. Dyk is a social hardworking healthy dog that is respected by every decoy that has caught him. Dyks dam Bara was selected to the national team many times and was still getting youth titles at 8 years of age. Bara herself was a ZVV3 bitch that produced healthy working dogs no matter what she was bred too and was bred often hard to compete with a breeding bitch. These are facts can be checked via actual pedigrees and the CMKU. Zoran Ben Ju was a great working and producing dog he is double on Chuna Policia again produced no matter what she was bred to. Glocks dam is bred again on top maternal lines used by the Danaru Kennel in Adela. Again Adela produced no matter what she was bred to. Hena is bred on Bero and great son of Held Von Ritterburg. Glock is bred 4/3 on Norbo. This what the breed warden said about Norbo. this is a quote "
NORBO BEN-JU represents the working dog with the look of the original German Shepherd. Norbo was born October 29th, 1995. He is a big, strong, absolutely healthy dog with perfectly healthy back, elbows and hips. Norbo went through really hard training that left no effect on his hard and uncompromising character. In his case he is a dog with enormously developed retrieve and prey drive. His prey drive doesn't prevent him from uncompromisingly stop any attack of any person even without the protective aids for biting.

Not even 5-yrs old he has been 3 times attending World Championship WUSF and has always placed in the first third of all contestants. Especially hard is his way of stopping of the attacking helper. In the current time Norbo has completed IPO3, SchH3 and now he is ready to complete ZVV titles. NORBO has been selected to the 1st breeding class for the life with 5KV5/55.

NORBO is not a product of inline breeding. His father Car z Kostoljanskej cesty is one of the most successful stud dogs in Slovakia as far as the number of the offspring successfully placed in the Championship competition of working dogs is concerned. His mother Norba-Chuna Policia comes from the best lines of the z Pohranicni straze dogs.

"NORBO's blood should be used everywhere where you need to improve health, strength of nerves and the strength of constitution type. His blood will occupy the considerable place in the breeding of working GS

idahospud49 04-23-2013 01:10 PM

Barbara! Hello, thanks for your input. :) You know I love Glock and your dogs, I feel very lucky that I got my first working line GSD from you. Hopefully within the next couple of years I will add a second, once Glock and I are ready for it.

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