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LokiTheLady 07-09-2014 08:01 PM

How to care for a face scar
I'm not sure how she did it, but I placed Loki in her crate one morning for work, came home that night and she'd torn open the 'triangle' part of her outer eye area. She didn't tear the eye or the lids, but the fleshy part that came into a triangle near her nose.

I immediately called the vet to see if they could fit her in--only to learn that my vet is on vacation. I do have her scheduled with the earliest appointment from a different vet, but the 'wound' has already scarred up. I gave her some antibiotics and kept up with placing salve on the area. It only seemed like the crevice of the outer ring, but now the scar has dipped down into a straight line on her face, and it's turned white, but still has crusts on it like it is an open wound.

Should I see the vet still? Keep up with the antibiotics and salve? I have no idea how she did this, and I'm so worried putting her in her crate anymore, that I bought her a new one that's shipping now. Of course, she likes to be fussy and not let me see it, but we manage. Has anybody had this happen before? It's such an odd place to get a scar to me, and how in the world did she even do it?!

Obligatory pictures (bad quality, sorry. She doesn't like posing for the camera and I only have my phone):

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