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gsdemack 06-07-2014 10:05 AM

Endless amount of knotted hairs - big problem
She won't take the comb because it hurts her so I have to use my fingers. I've spent hours on this and was coming towards completion, but now areas I've done once are causing problems.

A lot of her undercoat hairs that are coming out are extremely dry, is that normal?

tbh, I love my dog and do everything I can but I just didn't know anything about grooming and the bonding session.

She is 1.5yrs female - standard breed size, ideal standard weight and is eating "royal canine skincare veterinary diet"....


middleofnowhere 06-07-2014 10:58 AM

I have an answer for you "Corn Starch"

Work it in like it is powder you need to get to the skin. It makes working undercoat out much much easier. It makes it easier to split the matts (you need a matt splitter for this and use it carefully.)
1. apply cornstarch
2. use matt splitter
3. use under coat rake
4. top off with slicker brush

(This info courtesy of the Late Barker Sisters - both long coats.)

Freestep 06-07-2014 12:03 PM

Your dog is matted. You can continue working it out at home with cornstarch and a slicker brush/comb/undercoat rake, or you can take her to a professional groomer who will be able to get that matted undercoat out in a few hours. Is she a longhair or a shorthair? If she is a longhair, and the guard coat is tangled up, the worst parts may have to be shaved off. If she's a shorthair, my bet is that all that dead undercoat will slide right out and she'll look like a new dog. Make sure the groomer has a high velocity or force dryer. Not sure what prices are like in the UK but I charge anywhere from $55-85 for GSDs with this issue.

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