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Teddy12312 01-25-2014 02:46 PM

Is it too early do get another dog?
We got teddy at 5 months old and he is 14 months old now. Teddy loves other dogs and has never shown any aggression towards another dog or person. He listens well. Teddy is always trying to play chase with the kids like he does with other dogs. We have no friends who have a dog who will play with him. There are some in our daughters agility class but we don't know the owners very well. Teddy lived with other dogs before and loved to play with the other dogs but that was at the breeders. Other dogs have come into our home and he had no issues. Our breed choices are a GSD mix, border collie, Aussie, and English springer spaniel. My duaghter does agility with our current dog and is planning on doing agility with our next one. Teddy is very well bonded with us and I think we r ready to add another dog to our family.

Mocha 01-25-2014 02:49 PM

There's really no "specific" time line, it all depends on you! If you feel like you are at the point in your life with your situation and your current dog that you can handle it, by all means go ahead!

The only "NO'S" I've ever heard is getting two PUPPIES at the same time, because it is really hard trying to go through obedience with both. However I've known several people to do it successfully.

I think I'll be getting another one once my six month old is about the age of yours :)

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