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PhoenixGuardian 12-21-2013 09:06 AM

Better ideas on bathing an eighty pound boy?
Hi, me again.
So I took Phoenix to the vet for his skin allergies, and I was given Malaseb shampoo, which I have used before, and worked wonders for him last time. However, as it is December, I can't exactly take him outside and hose him down, and we only have a small shower stall that I wrestle him into. Once he is in the shower, I tell him to sit-stay, and he is very good (though NOT happy!) but the shower head doesn't cover him nearly as well as I want it to, and makes it hard to get all the shampoo off. Lucky for me, he isn't a BIG shepherd, but he is big enough! He doesn't weigh that much less than I do! :rolleyes:
A family friend works at a nearby animal shelter and lets me bathe him there in the dog sink, but the drive there is about twenty minutes, and the gas is a problem. I am going to jump on every opportunity I have to take him there, but he is supposed to be washed with the Malaseb regularly, and I can't just keep driving back and forth, especially as we have a big gas-guzzler. The shower will work if there are no other ways, but I thought I would ask here if anyone has had to do something similar and had any ideas.
Thanks! :)

mspiker03 12-21-2013 09:29 AM

We bought a new shower head with one of those long hose things so you could remove it from the holder and wash the dogs like you are using a hose. I hope that makes sense, I haven't finished my cup of coffee yet :/

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Sunflowers 12-21-2013 10:02 AM

Gosh, it is tough having to do all that shampooing in the shower, not to mention leaving it on for 10 minutes.

I would get something like this:

Pet Sprayer | Dog Wash | Deluxe Pet Shower Sprayer | Rinse Ace

Sp00ks 12-21-2013 10:18 AM

Ours is a tub enclosure with shower doors which is tight as well. Our shower has a Tee with a button and I can choose the shower head or the hand held. Works out quite well. I wish the hose was longer but it gets the job done.

We also have a small screen to catch the hair so it doesn't go down the drain and clog it.

I also find the massage function on the hand held penetrates the undercoat better and they seem to enjoy it. Just stay away from the nether regions with the massage functions.

I would venture a guess that you could purchase a Tee and cheapo hand sprayer for about the price of a tank of gas.

I usually don't wash them outside unless its the dead of summer. The water temperature is cold and I want the bath to be a good thing, not traumatic.

Castlemaid 12-21-2013 10:24 AM

Hand-held shower head with six foot long hose - most hand helds come with a four foot hose, but you can get the extra long hose as a bathroom accessory in most hardware stores.

Loneforce 12-21-2013 10:39 AM

Officer Tom Dooley had the right idea in the movie K9 Cop :laugh:

Loneforce 12-21-2013 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by Loneforce (Post 4706650)
Officer Tom Dooley had the right idea in the movie K9 Cop :laugh:

FYI This is a joke. Do Not Try what was done in this movie.

middleofnowhere 12-21-2013 11:38 AM

The long extension for the shower head will be a big help. In addition to that, I would soap my dogs up before they got in the tub. They were just in the tub for the rinse. I'd dampen them with a sponge or wash cloth, then soap them - I made it a game. It was kinda hard on the bathroom (takes a lot of towels!) but they both loved baths. They also got high quality treats when in the tub & I bought outdoor rubber matts for the floor of the tub to make it less slippery. I think he'll like the shower if it is rewarding and fun.

Sunflowers 12-21-2013 11:48 AM


Originally Posted by middleofnowhere (Post 4706914)
. It was kinda hard on the bathroom (takes a lot of towels!)

I found a giant microfiber beach towel. Works wonders, and I only need that towel.

PhoenixGuardian 12-21-2013 04:53 PM

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! Definitely the ideal thing would be a removable shower head that can be used like a sprayer, I'll see if I can find one somewhere. Any other suggestions are welcome too!

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