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TrentL 01-24-2013 05:48 AM

Couple of quick questions
So I live in Canada and its bloody cold out here (-31 Celsius with the wind sometimes worse)

And my puppy spends a good chunk of time outdoors (in a kennel that house walls and roof around it, with a totally insulated dog house, which has a heating pad made especially for large breed dogs that turns on when he lays on it)

So here are my questions, due to his time outside (When we're at work) he has developed a love for the cold weather (This morning it was -25 with wind etc feels like -32)

He's outside playing with his ball running around enjoying himself. When its a bit nicer I get out there and play with him, but I'm wondering is it a bad thing to have him playing by himself? Seems like a dumb question but I just got to thinking lately he's done alot of that (stupidly cold for me out there) and I'm thinking maybe too much alone time isn't as healthy? (Probably dumb question)

Second question, due to his love of the cold and thick coat, when we bring him in and its bed time he's very warm, and we can't keep our bedroom that cold so he's comfortable, so we have a box fan on him which keeps him content, we want him to sleep with us in our bedroom but I'm wondering is the box fan something that will lead to issues (Arthritis something else?) later down the road. (Again maybe a stupid question just got thinking ... is it okay to have the fan blowing on him, keeps him cool but at what cost?)

Okay enoiugh stupid questions from me!

doggiedad 01-24-2013 06:22 AM

how old is your pup? you can't train a pup when it's
outside. it's probably to cold for your pup to be outside,
unattended. your pup doesn't need a fan in the winter.

Mooch 01-24-2013 06:51 AM

Nothing wrong with him playing outside by himself :) He has a cozy kennel with a heat mat so i'd bet he's perfectly fine during the day.
How warm is your bedroom in comparison to outside?
If it's a huge temperature difference for him to get used to, that would worry more than the playing outside.
If you do want him to sleep inside I think you're gonna have to have the room as cold as possible. I'd not bother with a fan for him, if your room is so hot that he's uncomfortable or panting a lot it's probably better if he doesn't sleep in there but in a cooler part of the house. Dogs seem to cope better with cold than heat, especially heavy double coated breeds :)
Also make sure you feed him enough, keeping warm takes energy.

How old is he now?

TrentL 01-24-2013 11:51 AM

He is 5months old almost 6 months, and our room is the coldest in the house minus the basement in way way back room.

He has always slept with us in our room, and he sleeps soundly I would seem loves his crate goes there for quiet time etc, but he pants when he's in there when I turn the fans on he doesn't pant.

I don't do any training outside in this weather cause its too cold, but I do play with him outside (Throw the Ball, some Tug, he likes to think I'm chasing him and run away from me, and just generally run around like a bone-head)

Training is done inside where its warm :) I just thought that too much "solo" play and he'll eventually view us no more than "Those who feed me"

He is never outside in the cold in our yard for longer than he wants to be, and if its super cold we call him back in (He doesn't seem to care he'll play in -32c weather for 20-30minutes before coming back in, but at night he runs out pee's and runs right past his favorite ball to get back in the house ... so I figure he has a good judge of what's comfortable for him)

His kennel is very warm just standing in it because it blocks 100% of the wind, then you add the insulated dog house (That ways like 200pounds) and the heating pad, and its like a resort for a dog. :)

My worry is I want him with me, maybe its greedy but he knows no different I sleep beside him, **** last night my wife was on the couch with one of our sick kids so I spent half the night on the floor so we'd be closer... He's a bit young for me to have peace of mind sleeping in our bedroom and not chewing on something that would hurt him (Power cords and the like)

Mary Beth 01-24-2013 12:46 PM

Your puppy reminds me of my husky. She loved to be outside, she even slept on top of her dog house in the coldest weather, and yes, would pant inside. So just a couple of ideas: 1. If he is outside a lot, his coat has gotten thick, so like Mooch said, you will need to keep your bedroom colder. That may mean an electric blanket for you. He could still be panting in his crate and you may not hear it with the fan. Also if he has a favorite toy in his crate that may help. 2. Your puppy seems to be independent, like my husky was, and enjoys the outdoors. Since you are concerned about the bond, and I speak from experience it was a lot harder with my husky -what I did was to dress warm and take her for long walks - if you cross country ski - that would really help. I would wear her out with the walks, and she was outside all day when I was work, and then she would sleep soundly at night inside - with the heat turned low . She was very independent and not much for attention, so I got 3 cats for indoor company. So what I am trying to suggest, is - either get outside with the puppy play and exercise - and shorten the free outdoor play time - then do things inside and have your puppy follow you around and encourage that. Or get another pet like I did for indoor company.

TrentL 01-24-2013 04:42 PM

Couple of quick questions
Well I know he doesn't pant because I watch him and the room gets close as the night goes on.

I spend alot of time outside just not the last 3-4 days as we. Have had a crazy cold snap here.

The difference in temp is significant its -32 outside with the wind!! No electric blanket will help if i open the window lol

As long as the fan won't hurt him and he is okay playing outside by himself during the cold snap I'm okay with that

He has more fun when we are out with him he loves when my 8 year old chases him he runs and runs and she laughs and laughs its a hoot

With me he likes chasing balls and tugs

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Nigel 01-24-2013 06:28 PM

I don't know how well these work, but it might help keep him cool with out having to lower the temp in the house too much.
Canine Cooler and Cooling Dog Beds at

RowdyDogs 01-24-2013 06:43 PM

I don't really see why a fan would lead to problems later on if the problem is that he's too hot in the house, but that's something I'd probably recommend a quick call to the vet to ask about. It doesn't get that cold around here very often so I don't know. LOL I have used fans to help keep heavy-coated horses cool if I brought them into a warm barn during a bad storm with no problems, but that's more of a short-term thing and obviously horses are not dogs!

As far as playing by himself, as long as you're still training him and playing with him sometimes, I don't think that's a problem. My dogs often play with each other or by themselves while I'm working, and it hasn't affected our relationship in a negative way. I'd only really worry if you guys aren't also giving him plenty of attention, and more because I'd fear his social needs aren't being met than any worry that he'd stop caring about you. If you're meeting his social needs and it's just that you play with him less during the winter than in nicer weather, I'd say you're lucky to have a dog who self-exercises. ;)

Mary Beth 01-24-2013 09:05 PM

Is your pup from a working line? That may explain his independence. I have read the working line gsd tend to be more serious, higher energy, independent. I agree with Rowdy Dogs, enjoy it. You don't need to bundle up and brave the blizzzards to exercise and potty him, like I do with my Sting.

doggiedad 01-24-2013 11:09 PM

so, is -31 C equivalent to 25 below 0 F?? if so 25 below 0 F
is cold.


Originally Posted by TrentL (Post 2804802)
So I live in Canada and its bloody cold out here

(-31 Celsius with the wind sometimes worse)

Okay enoiugh stupid questions from me!

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