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ankittanna87 01-06-2013 12:56 AM

:O Vomiting! HELP!!
Hey guys, urgent help needed please! Kaiser has diarrhoea & was vomiting 3 days ago, called the vet & he gave him meds for both including saline (to take care of the dehydration).. his vomiting stopped & was eating properly until yesterday.. no more diarrhoea but since today morning he has puked thrice! the last one was only bile cos he hasn't had anything to eat since last night except a few puppy biscuits! what could be the reason & is there any home remedy for this? I don't know why is he always sick :confused:
He's been on Taste of the Wild for almost a week now & he likes it.. So, I really don't know! :help:

PuppyKono 01-06-2013 01:13 AM

Sorry I really dont know. But when I was switching Kono over to a raw diet I didnt know you had to do it over a week or two. So she had diarrhea, but no vomiting. I've only seen her vomit when she was when we went in an elevator because we had to stay at a hotel. It was bad... She vomited all her food over and over until she was empty and then when I gave her water that came up, and then other times when my mom let her outside and I think she must of ate something that ate something that upset her tummy...

Did your vet do a fecal culture? Or something else?

ankittanna87 01-06-2013 03:40 AM

Hi, thanks for replying.. No, no fecal culture or anything.. His stools are normal, it's the vomiting I'm worried about.. He didn't have his morning meal (TOTW) so I gave him some antacid & yoghurt & rice to soothe his stomach.. seems OK for now.. hope he doesn't puke again.. I'm planning to keep him on a veg diet till he recovers.. hopefully that should work!

bellamia 01-06-2013 04:02 AM

hey! how about 'Marie biscuits' instead of dog ones if you must give any? gone thru what u are going thru right now, you will have some wonderful advise on this forum, but seeing that you live in Bombay, people might not know the logistics of it all. I am from Bombay too. Anyway, veg diet?! for us boiled chicken and overcooked rice with pure pumpkin worked. good luck!

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