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wolfy dog 07-04-2014 06:48 PM

Amount of organ meat
I am still confused about the amount of organ meat and would like to know for sure once and for all: D gets a little over 2 ponds of the combination MM/MB a day. Does that mean he only needs a little under 2 ounces of organ meat a day?
I couldn't figure it out by old posts and couldn't open the spreadsheet that was mentioned.
Thanks for your help in this. Never been good in math.

E.Hatch 07-04-2014 07:26 PM

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If you're following the 80/10/10 rule first convert to ounces. So 2lbs/day is 32oz (16x2). 5% of that should be liver and 5% another organ which is 1.6oz per day (32x0.05) of each. In my opinion it's easier to portion out what you need for the week and drop a chunk or two in everyday. So that would be 1.6 x 7 (days of the week) which is 11.2oz a week of each liver and another organ.

Hope this helps and I didn't thoroughly confuse you :)

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wolfy dog 07-04-2014 07:54 PM

Lots of numbers but I got it! Thanks a bunch.

SuperG 07-04-2014 09:40 PM

E. Hatch's info sounds good to me....the old 10% organ...and not more than 50% of that should be liver.

Hey, is beef lung organ or meat?


E.Hatch 07-04-2014 10:12 PM

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I think it's considered meat as it doesn't secrete much of anything but I'm not 100% on that.

Mrs.P 07-05-2014 01:26 AM

Lung is considered meat muscle

bob_barker 07-05-2014 10:57 AM

What I get confused about is WHAT is considered organ meat? It seems like a lot of the things you would THINK is an organ is considered meat.
Also any tips if your dog won't eat liver... Bob sniffs it and looks at me like I'm crazy!!

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SuperG 07-05-2014 11:32 AM

I use liver,spleen and kidney. I also use green tripe, beef heart, lung, trachea, beef tongue but I do not believe these items constitute organ meat.

As far as liver and some dog's lack of interest in eating it...I have seen the same with my pooch, she will turn her nose up at it...if it is given to her separately. However, when I blend it into my ground up concoction it's never a problem. I have also been told that dessicated liver is something dogs really enjoy...many use it as a premium high value treat. I have never dehydrated liver BUT if it smells up the house like chicken does in my food dehydrator, I'd put the dehydrator outside. I put a bunch of chicken breast strips in my food dehydrator for training treats and it stunk...and the final product smelled disgusting as well. I would have never guessed chicken would smell so "fowl" when drying it.


Ace GSD 07-05-2014 11:59 AM

I always admire you Raw feeders ! All those extra work and dedication kudos !

E.Hatch 07-05-2014 01:30 PM

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