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wolfy dog 06-25-2014 12:46 PM

Deal on tripe
Got the best deal on raw tripe yesterday: two whole fresh green tripes from a local custom butcher shop.They had grass and all the good stuff still in them. I did feel sorry for the cows as I could see what their last meal was.
So I cut it up (in appr. two-pound pieces) in the driveway on top of a drain, dogs behind the fence. I threw them a piece once in a while when they were waiting nicely. The big fat flies were horrendous.
Yield: 15 1-gallon bags of 2 ~two-pound pieces of goodness. And this all for $10.00. He also gave me a liver and kidney (from the cows ;) )
It took a while to get a good connection with this shop but I can recommend trying if you have access to local butcher shops. They have the best stuff.
My freezer smells like a barn.
D had to figure out for a moment how to deal with a large piece like that. Pulled it towards him, and looked as if it was alive, then started cutting and swallowing big pieces. We always take our chairs to watch him eat the raw food. Very satisfying. This morning hardly any poop from it. That boy has good digestion.

SuperG 06-25-2014 01:46 PM

Nice score....!!!

Your dogs are loving it I'm sure and it is supposedly great for them as well.

LOL @ the " My freezer smells like a barn."....I know exactly what you mean.

I also learned after handling green tripe the first time, your hands have that wonderful country aroma for a while as well.


wolfy dog 06-25-2014 01:55 PM

Ha, ha, handling tripe it is a steep learning curve. I always wear heavy duty gloves, even with the frozen bags. And have a dorm-sized fridge especially for the raw dog food to store the left overs and thawed out meats. I think their household is better organized than mine.

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