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Shelbie 06-06-2014 03:42 PM

Whole salmon
I have a 16 mth old female German Shepherd and an 11 yr old male Siberian Husky that have been on raw (I have been getting a pre-measured raw program online) for about a month and a half now. I have read that if you feed your dogs salmon it should either be frozen for at least 3 days or slightly cooked. The grocery store where I shop has a special running right now on whole, wild caught, frozen salmon from Alaska for $1.99 per lb. If I purchase a whole salmon can I let it thaw slightly, cut it into steaks and chunks and feed the whole pieces (bones and all) to my dogs? Also, would I give this as a full meal, and how often would I feed them a salmon meal? Realitively new at this and still have lots to learn:confused:

_Zero_ 06-07-2014 01:34 PM

The issue with feeding raw salmon or trout from Alaska or the Pacific NW is that fish can be infected with a type of rickettsia fluke, which can attach to the dog's GI tract and release harmful bacteria. This typically causes an infection that is sudden onset and can be fatal if not treated immediately. Infected salmon have been documented only as far north as Ketchikan, however, so in South-central or Southwestern Alaska or anywhere in the interior it's likely not a problem. I'd be hesitant to feed dogs raw salmon from anywhere in the Southeast, just as a precaution.

However, if it's been frozen, as you say, there is much less risk in thawing it and feeding it raw. When I feed my dog salmon I always pressure cook it first, but I live in Southeast Alaska and don't want to take my chances. :)

Shelbie 06-07-2014 02:46 PM

Whole salmon
Thank you Zero for your very informative and intelligent reply. I had heard there was some kind of issue with feeding raw salmon so that is why I wanted to get some insight from other raw feeders. If I cook the salmon than I would imagine I would need to remove the bones as well?? After reading your reply I think I might just stick to feeding salmon oil instead. I love my dogs dearly and would hate to see anything happen to them when it could have been avoided.

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