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Contego 04-27-2014 10:01 PM

Meats to avoid?
I was just browsing the meat department at Kroger and getting idea of the cost to add some raw to Tego's diet. Obviously pork is the that ok? I would add a variety, beef, deer, chicken, fish when I can, but I wasn't sure if there's was anything I should not get him in the raw department. Thanks for the help!

Mrs.P 04-27-2014 10:28 PM

Meats to avoid?
I feed pork, chicken, beef, goat, rabbit, duck, turkey, duck, lamb and some fish ect nothing seasoned or enhanced. Where are you located? There may just be a raw feeding co-op near you!

SuperG 04-27-2014 10:34 PM

Smoked/cured......probably not available 100% raw at times....but I have read smoked/cured meats have their ham/bacon etc.


Packen 04-27-2014 10:36 PM

Pork is good and cheap, open season on pigs all year! Only thing needed to buy is a hunting license :)

SuperG 04-27-2014 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by Packen (Post 5440074)
Pork is good and cheap, open season on pigs all year! Only thing needed to buy is a hunting license :)

Wish I had that option in MN.....

If I could feed my dog wild boar...I'd jump at the chance.


Packen 04-27-2014 10:48 PM

I cheat and keep the back strap for myself! It really is a privilege to be able to keep the freezer full of exotic meats (2 and 4 legged) all year long. The dogs simply love it.

E.Hatch 04-27-2014 11:32 PM

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Some people say when feeding raw pork you should freeze it for 20 days to eliminate any risk of Trichinosis. Others say that if it's not wild game and purchased for human consumption in the US you have nothing to worry about.

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CelticGlory 04-29-2014 05:16 PM

Be careful with fish like Salmon, make sure to cook it before feeding it. Can dogs eat salmon? | Dog training tips,Dog food reviews,Dog health-Dog Questions.

I think that is the only thing that I know not to feed raw.

David Taggart 04-29-2014 05:44 PM

The substances the body made of - protein and fat - is not the same with different animals, and your dog digests different meats differently. Pork, in fact, especially pork fat, is a killer for your dog's liver, but it is said that it's OK to feed pork bones. I'd list you products in up to down sequence, starting with what is the easiest to digest and ending with the most difficult:
1. Fish
2. Chicken or rabbit
3. Goat or deer
4. Beef
5. Lamb
6. Duck or Goose
Feed your dog mainly lighter meals if you want it to have a long life.

counter 04-29-2014 06:59 PM

I've found that chicken seems to be the cheapest meat, not pork, when comparing price per pound. I feed chicken, turkey, pork, beef, fish, and anything exotic I can get my hands on. I've read that beef is the best overall meat for a dog. Just make sure you don't cook any of the meats that contain bone. You can feed raw, uncooked chicken legs with the bones, etc., but if they get cooked, you can't feed them, as the bones will shard and splinter inside your dog's stomach, requiring surgery to remove them. The dogs can pass the uncooked bones with no problem. My dogs have all chipped their teeth on meat that contain larger bones, so I now only buy boneless pork and beef, and give them the bone content in the form of poultry and fish, which has never damaged their teeth.

I also won't feed anything that's been precooked or had flavor/salt added. I stick with human grade meats, and try for organic/holistic if possible/affordable.

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