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Ok... Thanks for picking up the thread.
Someone asked why I haven't done raw yet ..,
I will honestly say that I'm extremely intimidated by whole system.
I'm also concerned about proper food handling.
Also not too sure where I'm getting the right chicken backs, and necks, etc.
Kinda afraid of making a serious mistake.

One poster showed what looked like pre-packaged raw foods (sorry on iPhone)
Some had a case of chicken parts.

Where are you getting this stuff?

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Originally Posted by Ronda View Post
Here's Saphira's menu for this week (71lb 19 month old F) 45% RMB (10.8oz) 5% ORGAN (1.2 oz) 50% (12 oz) MM

Monday AM 2 chicken backs (still a good chunk of meat on them)
PM Beef Heart and Chicken liver

Tuesday AM 2 Chicken backs
PM Beef Tripe Chunk, Beef Sweetbread

Wednesday AM Turkey neck
PM Ground Beef Blend from butcher (includes heart meat, kidney, liver and other various beef trimmings but no bone)

Thursday AM Turkey neck
PM Tripe Chunk, Beef Sweetbread

Friday AM Turkey neck
PM Whole Mackeral

Saturday AM 1/4 Whole Chicken (These are great for a whole weekend)
PM 1/4 Whole Chicken

Sunday AM 1/4 Whole Chicken
PM 1/4 Whole Chicken

That's just what this week was...I rotate in Chicken hearts, gizzards, breasts, ground turkey, beef roasts, steaks, hamburger, etc for muscle meats. I am not as adventurous with the RMB, turkey necks and chicken backs are staples and occasionally I feed whole chickens (minus the leg bones as Saphira has a tendancy to hack those up) over a few days and Cornish game hens are perfect for cutting in half for a day's worth of food. For fish I feed whiting, mackeral, and I have some anchovies currently on order from Albersons (there meat dept. loves ordering stuff for me, they are super nice about it). Organs are liver, kidney, of chicken, beef, lamb, whatever I can find at the ethnic store.

She gets 1 chicken foot a day usually as a treat and to ward off the urpy stomach. Maintance dose of Nupro Silver as well as added fish oil, vitamin E, coconut oil, and ACV when I can sneak it in her food.
Wow thank you for taking the time to do this.
Your dog keeps you busy.

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Anthony, I know you are a good doggy dad, but I'm thinking of your wife now, how she would handle raw and the convenience factor. You may want to start out with raw the easy, convenient way like we did. Our dog likes the Nature's Variety brand, especially the venison. It is in the freezer section of the more natural pet food stores in my area. (you won't find in petsmart). It's basically an 8oz patty you thaw the night before. It has meat, bone, organ meat and some veggies. The nice thing about this company is that if you sign up, they send you coupons to your e-mail.

The Whole Foods Markets in my area also sell raw, prepackaged food, however Molly does not like the brand they sell.

A more convenient way to go is dehydrated raw.Our local pet store sells a brand but we order on-line from The Honest Kitchen. They have also sent me discounts through e-mail.

Molly has been completely off kibble for about a month now, and her GI system loves it.
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A few months ago I started feeding my bitch raw and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was also very intimidated by the whole process but I would say it really isnt a big deal once you get set up and start doing it.

So I first bought a full sized freezer from a friend who was selling it dirt cheap and set it up in the garage. I did this because A. I'de be shot if my SO found green tripe in our kitchen freezer and B. I like to buy in bulk to last me months at a time so that I can spend as little time as possible doing/ planning the dog food situation. I bought eight 30# cases of parts for my first buy to stock my freezer and get started. I would say it was an expensive investment, but I know it will pay off as being significantly cheaper vs kibble in the long run. Anyways, I brought it home and it took me about five hours to individually bag everything in sandwich baggies, but i think its 1000x easier to thaw out an individual self serve bag. So if you do it, dedicate a sunday afternoon to nasty body parts and force yourself to finish what you've started. Once it was all individually bagged, at meal time I just run out to the garage, grab some sandwich baggies of organ, muscle, and bone, then put them in the kitchen sink (still in their baggies) and thaw them out/warm them up while floating in hot water. Takes about 20 minutes until they can eat it. As for salmonella and things of that sort, I don't know, I wash my hands with dish soap before and after handling the food and wash her metal bowl after feeding her. Neither of us have ever gotten sick, but that's not to say it cant happen.

At first I alternated kibble in the AM and raw in the PM to ease any stress of transition for me. At a very basic level, I pretty much work with muscle meat, organ meat, and bone (for a ration of 45:15:40). Ill admit that I never measure anything and pretty much eyeball the portions. I'm sure other people do it differently, but this is my personal approach and I haven't killed the dog yet. If her poop looked too hard, I gave more organ. If it looked too soft, I gave more bone. I bought chicken necks, turkey necks, and chicken backs for my bone source; I bought prepackaged ground organ mix as well as prepackaged ground green tripe (YUCK) for my organ source; And I bought ground beef, venison, chicken, and quail mix for my muscle meat source. I'll also randomly pick up the discounted grocery store oddities when I see them just for a change of pace. I found a distributor through word-of-mouth from a friend and its a good setup. She emailed me a menu with prices, I emailed her back what I wanted, she let me know when the shipment was coming in (had to wait a week or so), and I picked it up. No big deal. I don't bother going to a butcher, but thats maybe because I haven't found a butcher that doesn't look at me like I have two heads when I ask for the things I need. I would start asking around and see if anything is in your area. I get the ground up rolls of muscle or organ from a company called Blue Ridge Beef which ships them directly to my distributor. Since Kai isn't an extreme chewer, I also give her the non-edible/ digestible weight-bearing bones to gnaw on and keep her busy/ clean her teeth. They are cow femurs and they CAN break teeth if your dog goes too crazy with them and they CAN block your dogs digestive track if your dog figures out how to ingest them (which is why I only give my girl the larger ones that I KNOW she cant swallow). My older aussie goes way too hard with those things and would be the dog to crack off a tooth, so she's banned from them.

Anyways, I tend to also throw in various other things in with my dogs raw food that I think she might like or need in her diet. If I'm eating vegetables for dinner, she might get some unseasoned veggies tossed into her bowl on top of the meat. Ill randomly toss in things like applesauce, yogurt, raw eggs, sunflower seeds, honey, dried cranberries, whole blueberries, etc. I would like to get her on some coconut oil and maybe a vitamin supplement every now and then, but I haven't decided on what brand to go with yet.

I don't know if I could give you an accurate menu of what to feed because I'm always changing how much I feed my own dog depending on a few different factors. In the winter, I try to put a little more weight on her, so she eats more. When we are training hard, she also gets a little more. Some days I fast her, some days she eats twice a day and others she only eats once (but larger). It really depends on what my day has going on and how I feel like coordinating it. I imagine that before dog food was commercialized into colorful prepackaged bags, dogs ate on a relatively irregular basis and thrived without issue, so I don't stress too much about exact feeding times or amounts. Again, my personal approach.

Things i've noticed on raw: Kai's teeth have no tarter on them. She definitely has more endurance when doing hard training. I almost never find her drinking water when she is laying around the house (im assuming from all the moisture in raw vs kibble). I noticed that she has slightly more muscle definition and her coat tends to be more glossy when she isn't in season. Her feces break down in the yard and disappear within a few days (and don't smell nearly as bad!). She does place a higher value on her raw meals than she did kibble so it took me a few dinner time squabbles between the mutts to realize that the other dog needs to be kept away from her while she eats.

Either way, I think that while it hasn't been a miracle worker like some people claim, i definitely think its a lot better for my dog and she certainly likes it a lot more. Whenever people ask me 'why' I go out of my way to feed her raw, I like to respond with "... with all the different types of food out there, could you ever imagine having to eat cereal EVERYDAY for the rest of your life?"
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We give Joey a kibble/beef mixture in the morning, kibble in the evening.

The beef comes from a company in Glen Cove called Martin's K9 Formula Store.

I just noticed on his website that along with pure beef, he sells Beef & Tripe Combo; Beef & Heart Combo; Beef & Liver Combo; Beef, Liver, Heart & Tripe Combo.

Would anyone recommend any or all of these combos? I know extremely little about Raw feeding.

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I know this thread is a couple of months old ... but abakerrr's post is phenomenal ... what a great post!!!! Pretty much how I do mine, except my local organic butcher feeds his dogs like I do so it's great!

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If a raw diet is so good, why do you have to give supplements?
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Originally Posted by Olivers mama View Post
If a raw diet is so good, why do you have to give supplements?
You don't HAVE to, but some of us choose to. Even a healthy diet has some room for improvement.

As long as the raw diet is balanced: Variety of sources, Organ Meats, Bone, Etc, there's not a NEED for supplements. I just prefer to.

My menagerie:

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There is one very real problem that may occur if you give a raw meal occasionally.

Your dog may decide NOT to eat their kibble anymore.
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Originally Posted by Lauri & The Gang View Post
There is one very real problem that may occur if you give a raw meal occasionally.

Your dog may decide NOT to eat their kibble anymore.
Oh, yes. I can see this happening.
Just this morning, my wife made the mistake of giving her a piece of beef jerky, and put the rest in the corner of our kitchen counter. Kira knew where it was, and instead of eating her morning meal, she went and sat in that corner, and gave us her little annoying, nagging bark she does when she wants something.

If I were to give her raw, I'd have to be 100% dedicated. I can't see her eating kibble after a good raw meal... and I'm not ready to do that.
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