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  39. Von Lotta
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  49. Dlha Roven lines or similar
  50. Anyone have any experience with the breeders Hena-C or Ryanhaus?
  51. How important is it to get a pup from Sch. titled parents?
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  85. Admin, please delete buyer beware and this post
  86. Buyer beware -
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  92. vombanachk9
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  96. future dog prospects
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  111. Haus Juris
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  113. Health Guarantee
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  125. Hello from Sunny CA
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  131. Houston, Texas
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  183. Be careful who you purchase from
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  198. This article says it all
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  230. vom Langgarten (DDR-CZ) GERMANY
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  235. Vom Banach DDR
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  247. Has anyone heard of Sander-Haus and Pine Hill Breeders?
  248. Is it normal for a breeder to have 10+ litters welped in a 6 month period?
  249. "working homes only" thought of this after reading "pet people" thread
  250. Looking for a Liver Male Puppy 6/1 is that reasonable?