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  1. Signs of a Backyard Breeder
  2. breeder's websites
  3. ways to tell lines in pedigree?
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  6. ISO a Great breeder in Atlanta or Surrounding Cities.
  7. Breeder contract (limited registration)
  8. Finding the "experts"
  9. ISO west german, long coat, black/mahogany breeder?
  10. Realistic expectations
  11. Is it Ok to let puppy stay with breeder longer?
  12. Why Do Puppies Cost So Much?
  13. Working Line Breeders
  14. Show line in WA?
  15. Kuckucksland Importer
  16. Breeders Breeders Breeders.....
  17. Breeder website question
  18. Looking for a breeder, preferably in NC
  19. Corresponding with breeders
  20. No contact from Breeder
  21. Need Advice - New Breeder - Tallahassee FL
  22. Breeders that do not have contracts
  23. Czech Breeders around Arkansas
  24. Looking for a working line breeder
  25. Breeder in NY Metro Area
  26. Is this a "back-yard" breeder?
  27. Any thought on this breeder..
  28. Are These Red Flags?
  29. Advice on Michigan breeder
  30. Is this the BMW of GSDs ?
  31. Looking for a healthy family pup near SCarolina
  32. Breeder in Manchester CT
  33. OR/WA Breeders Info Wanted
  34. [N. Cali]Please help me find reputable GSD breeders
  35. Long haired breeders near Austin Texas.
  36. Looking for Victoria Clayton
  37. Van Meerhout puppy
  38. Northern California breeder Referrals
  39. Breeders in Michigan
  40. Info on breeder please
  41. Looking for a reputable breeder Western PA or surrounding areas.
  42. Sudenblick DDR in Texas
  43. Sable breeder in the Pacific Northwest?
  44. Looking for some help and advice.
  45. Straight Back Breeders?
  46. Montreal - Quebec breeder ?
  47. Quality WL Breeders in Hawaii, Australia, or New Zealand?
  48. Referral for a reputable show-line breeder in Illinois?
  49. Vom Haus Berg
  50. East/DDR working lines ?
  51. Western PA breeders (Pittsburgh area)
  52. "Working show line"?
  53. Help me find a breeder?
  54. Select K9's
  55. Looking for Breeder in NY (Western)
  56. Blitzen K-9?
  57. About ready to give up!!
  58. Working-Line breeder PA/MD/VA/NJ/DE possibly NY or OH
  59. Good breeder, still got weak nerves? Poll
  60. Breeder in GA, SC, TN, AL Areas
  61. Great working-line breeders in Oregon?
  62. Texas breeder for family friendly dog
  63. Breeder in the SouthEast (SC,GA,NC,FL,TN)
  64. which breeder do you recommend?
  65. Lindel Shepherds
  66. Von Der Nordsee/Fox Hill k9
  67. Is there a new regulation about importing a puppy from Germany?
  68. Recommended breeders in North Florida, Georgia area?
  69. Hollenhund GSDs?
  70. Reputable Houston Area Breeder
  71. Looking for a breeder in the midwest
  72. Breeder In Montana
  73. 2 dogs from same breeder?
  74. Take Home at 6 weeks?! What to do?
  75. Thinking of getting puppy from WI breeder?
  76. Wyzal in Oklahoma
  77. First working line GSD
  78. I'd like to mate my male
  79. GSD Breeder Search Help
  80. Shewanna or Vollmond?
  81. Thoughts on this small scale Breeder? Euro Deja MD
  82. Looking for a breeder in Texas
  83. Good show line breeder in Wisconsin?
  84. Looking for Reputable working line GSD breeder
  85. Looking for a breeder in WI/ILL
  86. Opinions on Breeders
  87. Any thoughts? Blue Ridge Lane Shepherds? VA
  88. Looking for a reputable working line gsd breeder
  89. Is it too early to contact a breeder?
  90. Vom Gildaf
  91. looking for working GSD or dutch shepherd
  92. Opinions on this breeder?
  93. I Think I Found My Breeder: Opinions
  94. Finding a breeder in South Eastern, PA
  95. Ayers Legends?
  96. Opinions on this breeder?
  97. Buy a dog - Kill a dog..
  98. Breeder Suggestions/Recommendations
  99. Tucson shepherds
  100. Choosing the right breeder
  101. choosing a breeder Canada BC possibily WA
  102. Tre good German Shepherds
  103. Breeder Recommendation in Arizona
  104. KCI Breeder's Accreditation
  105. Breeder recommendations?
  106. Starting to look for GSD breeders- any advice?
  107. Warning about irresponsible breeder. (Subject line edited by Admin)
  108. Breeder near Orange County CA
  109. Puppies in WA
  110. need info on a breeder im buying from
  111. Breeder Issue - Genetics
  112. Breeder won't send copy of Pedigree?
  113. Anybody have experience with Kennel von Weise?
  114. Choosing Between Michigan Breeders
  115. New here- Looking for a MD/VA Pup
  116. Breeder suggestions
  117. Need Help Board Veterans Looking for a Female Puppy within 250 Miles of NY
  118. Red Rock K9 experience or others near southwest MO
  119. Long Coated Breeders Central TX
  120. Breeders in or near Missouri
  121. breeder in NJ
  122. Hawaiian breeder? Von Salerno vs. Vom Younghaus
  123. Where to find litter announcements?
  124. AZ Kennel Recomendations?
  125. Schwarzer Hund GSD Breeder in Camp Hill, AL
  126. Von Waldhimmel?
  127. Looking for a breeder.
  128. D&L's German Shepherds
  129. Looking for pup, met a backyard breeder... would love advice
  130. I need help!
  131. Von Caid German Shepherds
  132. Von den Oher Tannen (West German Show Line) Comments?
  133. Puppies from Acelin or Northwest GSD kennel
  134. wg/working kennel recommendations
  135. WGSL Breeders
  136. Just starting my research...need advice.
  137. Looking for a reputable Kansas Breeder
  138. New England Breeder Advice
  139. breeders in south carolina
  140. vomostmeer
  141. Winter Kennels in Mexia
  142. Tell me how much more " work " does having working line versus non working line.
  143. Any red flags stand out with this breeder?
  144. America show line
  145. Looking for a gentle, old fashioned oversized GSD
  146. Pedigree advice. Thor-Vom-Rochford
  147. Rayann farms highly recommend
  148. Rallhaus German Shepherds
  149. Alpine german shepherds
  150. Breeder in Gap, PA - Reputable?
  151. Van Gogh Kennel
  152. looking for a white german shepherd puppy on the east coast.
  153. Breeder in DFW?
  154. anyone know anything about this breeder
  155. Tidmore's Rising Star - review
  156. Working line breeders in Maryland/PA
  157. Breeders in Cincinnati, Ohio area
  158. Olympia Kennels
  159. Puppy Shopping - Geyer?
  160. Site unseen
  161. Vom Venturaland in SoCal
  162. Are these dumb questions? Haha
  163. Thoughts on this breeder?
  164. Vom Hallynn Haus, Rhoda hall solid blacks
  165. Brittany Gentle Giants
  166. NevadaHaus Breeder in Texas
  167. Hello Everyone
  168. Vom hundhaus and breeder attention
  169. Neuter/spay required or recommended?
  170. Breeder with Long waiting list
  171. Schlossfelsen Kennels
  172. Kraftwerrk K9
  173. Finding a breeder near Austin
  174. Vom buflod
  175. Marienhof Kennels
  176. I'm looking for a Recommendation from those that know.
  177. Working Line Breeders Around Illinois/Wisconsin/Indiana?
  178. Colorado Silver Creek German Shepherd's Reviews
  179. Oak Glen Kennels? In California
  180. Southern Cali Breeders?
  181. Breeders in Charlotte NC
  182. Breeder in MN
  183. Urgent question
  184. GSD Flyer
  185. Recommendations for Southeastern PA and surrounding areas
  186. Importing
  187. Please help me to find responsible and reliable breeder in MN.
  188. Black GSD breeder
  189. Breeders in NC/SC/GA/FL/VA
  190. Finally got my breeder
  191. Haus Brezel German Shepherds
  192. Questions a breeder would normally ask?
  193. saskatchewan shepherd breeders
  194. Canine security service provder in India
  195. Oregon/WA Breeders: Any advice or warnings?
  196. Looking for a reputable breeder
  197. White GSD
  198. Von Lotta
  199. Puppy Mill Question vs reputable breeder
  200. Von falconer
  201. USDA rules
  202. Looking to hear updates on dogs purchased from Von Den Brookfields in New Braintree
  203. Reputable breeder in Northern CA
  204. Is this breeder legit????
  205. Finding reputable breeder, classic GSD
  206. Working gsd breeder in India
  207. Ontario breeder near Bancroft
  208. Dlha Roven lines or similar
  209. Anyone have any experience with the breeders Hena-C or Ryanhaus?
  210. How important is it to get a pup from Sch. titled parents?
  211. looking for a breeder in Florida
  212. vondegenhard breeder in TX
  213. Happy ending, but deposit issue
  214. Breeder on east coast??
  215. which breeder (from the UK)
  216. Black GSD Breeders in MI
  217. World class GSD von gunbil
  218. Zwinger vom Heidelberger Schloss
  219. Urgent: Need info on a particular German breeder
  220. Breeder in New England/Northeast region?
  221. breeders in or around Missouri
  222. Need suggestion with breeders in Germany
  223. Urbecke gsd
  224. Breeders Search
  225. Breeder recommandations In Northern California
  226. Found Breeder, now having 2nd thoughts
  227. The 5K puppy
  228. Dogs America in Lake Elsinore, CA
  229. What's normal in a contract?
  230. West German Show Lines - untitled parents
  231. Anyone have a dog from Vom Dreifke?
  232. thought on these pedigrees
  233. Looking for good breeder in Connecticut
  234. Breeders Near GA & Price Question
  235. OTCH Puppy Breeder
  236. GSD 'Protection Dogs'
  237. west german vs east german working lines?
  238. Rivergreen German Shepherd Kennel? Good? Bad? Mediocre?
  239. Acelin GSD
  240. Southern NH/Mass guidance
  241. Importance schutzhund titles
  242. Breeder Update!
  243. Right Breeder?
  244. Admin, please delete buyer beware and this post
  245. Buyer beware -
  246. Looking for a great WGSL breeder
  247. Looking for a breeder for an assistance dog pup
  248. cold water horse breeder in North Carolina
  249. Breeder in or around Colorado.
  250. Companion pup in Michigan