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mygsdog 05-06-2014 11:20 PM

Hey Everyone!
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Hey Everyone!

This is our first post, so we just wanted to introduce ourselves. My name is Michelle and my husband's name is Tony. My husband is a US Veteran who was deployed to Iraq in 2008/2009. When he came back he was diagnosed with PTSD. After researching, we found out that having a dog could help with the symptoms of PTSD. Because he saw the German Shepherds working in Iraq, he really liked the breed and we got our first German Shepherd! Since then, we fell in love with the breed. At first we had a lot of questions and didn't know where to turn for answers so my husband created a facebook page called German Shepherd Tips where he was writing his questions and seeing what other owners had to say. Well, the page took off and now we have just about 117,000 fans! We have become very knowledgeable about and involved with German Shepherds and have two of our own whom we adore. We have recently started creating these awesome German Shepherd t-shirts for our fans and the entire German Shepherd community. They are quality t-shirts that are designed and printed in the USA. They are available in men's, woman's and hoodies. We will have a new t-shirt every month. Check out the current t-shirt here! My German Shepherd Homeland Security | Teespring

LaRen616 05-07-2014 08:35 AM

Please tell your husband I said thank you for his service.

Welcome to the forum and I like your clothes! :)

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