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clark77494 09-04-2014 10:42 PM

GSD Growling Issues
I just got a Rescue female GSD about 2 weeks ago (she is 4 years old), we have a lake with a one mile jogging trail near the house. I take here to the lake twice a day for exercise. She does fine with Bikers, joggers, walkers and even the ducks. There are Dogs behind fences that bark up a storm and my GSD simply ignores them! But when it comes to other dogs and there masters my GSD wants to physically meet the other dog then she starts growling at them! A couple of days ago we were on a park bench giving her water and my GSD snapped at me since I held her back with her collar from getting to the other dog. I want to send her to obedience school problem is there is 10 other dogs in a group and not sure how she will react! How do I correct this behavior?

my boy diesel 09-04-2014 10:51 PM

an obedience school will know how to deal with her around other dogs so dont worry about that

she is amping up and redirecting her frustration on to you and you need to get this under control quickly

Pax8 09-05-2014 02:03 AM

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Second what diesel has said. Priority one will be finding a good trainer and working with them. It sounds like she could do a group class. A good trainer will be able to manage her and teach you how to manage. Much of what she needs is boundaries and rules. Getting obedience training in and getting a good relationship going with her will help her focus on you instead of focusing on everything else and getting so amped up that she wants to growl. The redirection is definitely something to bring up to the trainer the first time you meet them so they can give you tips.

clark77494 09-05-2014 05:52 AM

Growling GSD
Is she growling to protect me or for some other reason? She seems to be well trained in the Basic commands. I guess the previous owners never walked her or took her anywhere were other dogs were present. Ginger seems to get along with people and even people who are scared to death of her because of her size. I have different people come to the house all the time and she is friendly with everybody.

What is strange is they have a small dog next door and Ginger my GSD never growled at the next door neighbors dog when they were holding the small dog in there arms.

Twyla 09-05-2014 07:12 AM

No, she isn't growling to protect you. As others have said, it is frustration and redirecting on you. It can go from the snapping at you that occurred to actual bites. A group class for OB and I would suggest a private class as well to work on the handling and management.

I can say from experience (and the battle scars) you seriously want to get a handle on the redirecting before the snaps turn to bites. My troublemaker - different issues - skipped the snapping and went straight for the bites. It ended only after a 'come to jesus' meeting.

Keep in mind for your dog's and other's safety, that dogs who redirect can redirect on whatever is closest to them at that moment. This time, the snap was focused on you, next time it could be a child, neighbor, family member.

clark77494 09-05-2014 09:14 AM

The snapping has only happened once. She seems to be getting better about it. We ran into 3 different dogs this morning and I had her sit on the grass while the other dogs pass by. Most of the other dog owners know us by now.

I did get a private lesson with a dog trainer last weekend. We were working on the problem of her laying down in the middle of the hallway and you having to step over her (leader of the pack) and also her getting to close to the front door. On the blocking problem I shuffle my feet until she moves and on the getting to close to the doorway I push her back to the first support column with my body. Now when she is blocking the hallway she moves when I approach and on the front door when I turn around she steps back to the first column. She's a very smart dog and very likable. I think with a few weeks of training she will be the perfect dog!

onyx'girl 09-05-2014 09:20 AM

You've had her for 2 weeks. She needs some time to learn to trust you. You should read this, and implement some of the exercises and understand where her brain is at this time.

clark77494 09-05-2014 11:16 AM

Well by reading that article we have established on thing. I broke all the Rules!

I will forward the article to the director of Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue,(GHGSDR.ORG) and hopefully they will give the article to new dog owners such as myself. GHGSDR gives you 2 weeks to decide if you want to keep the dog. By giving this article to new owners this will greatly reduce the return rate of there Rescue dogs.

blackshep 09-05-2014 11:20 AM

As for snapping at you, she's just redirecting, don't take that personally :)

I agree, get into a good training class. If she's great about the other stuff, I'm sure you'll be able to work through this problem! Some dogs have leash aggression/frustration issues.

Maybe try bringing treats or a toy with you and see if you can keep her attention on you when being approached by other leashed dogs, or failing that, cross the street and give her more room, until you can work on closing the distance.

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