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Madjukes 07-10-2014 04:41 PM

My GSD suddenly super aggressive towards another GSD
Dante, who's now 2 years old and perfectly trained, well socialized in all other aspects, met a friend's GSD this weekend while we were out hiking on the 4th of July weekend. Normally he's super super friendly with other dogs, extremely excited to meet them and with aggressive or fearful dogs, he'll just ignore them.

My friend's GSD is a little undersized, about 60 pounds probably. Just over a year, and SUPER hyper and energetic. I don't know why it's just with this one, but whenever Dante would go near Mikhail (the other GSD) he would bare his fangs, growl and suddenly attack him (paws on him, flip him over, snarling, and show dominance). The other dog would screech and belly up and cower (ears flattened, avoid eye contact) until dante left him. And then when he would try to slink away, Dante would run at him and flip him over again, snarling.

Why would this happen? It's just with this one, Dante has never otherwise shown aggression. There weren't any unfixed females around or otherwise.

Anything else you can think of that might trigger this? Dante is not food aggressive, (and there was no food or treats around). Mikhail was not aggressive towards me or anyone else.

One of the times Dante flipped him over, Mikhail was struggling and Dante bit down on his leg and his tooth gashed a pretty deep cut into his upper thigh. Needless to say, this is worrying me a lot and I'm not sure what could possibly make him act this way.

TigervTeMar 07-10-2014 06:47 PM

had something similar to this happen. luckily it didn't come to dogs flipping each other over. I was talking to my apartment manager who really likes my dog and his wife brought up their german shepherd to say hi. I know both are (contrary to this story) friendly. but something about each other was rubbing the wrong way. his was a girl too you'd think they would have flirted or something. right away it was the stiff legged stuff and then my guy put his paw on her back and left it there trying to be all dominant. after a few seconds it was barking free for all. I should have walked away to a safe distance immediately until I saw their reactions to each other.

'hoping' with GSD's doesn't go very far. if your guys are fighting I'd keep them separate. his aggression could spread to other dogs, apart from the immediate danger of one seriously injuring the other.

Madjukes 07-10-2014 08:46 PM

The thing is, Mikhail didn't show any signs of aggression, only submissiveness. He rolled over and was yelping like he was getting killed (first few times Dante never touched him, but he was still yelping like the earth was ending). Both I and Mikhail's owner thought they just had to get the pack dominance thing out of the way and left them alone since Dante wasn't actually biting or injuring Mikhail in any way.

lalachka 07-10-2014 09:06 PM

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I wouldn't have let them sort it out. Whoever is getting dominated might be affected long term by it, also, at some point he might decide he's had enough and a fight breaks out. But that's just my opinion.

As far as why this happened, sometimes dogs just don't get along. It happens. I wouldn't push it.

selzer 07-10-2014 09:24 PM

Some GSDs do not like the hyper-crazy thing. If you have two young males or two young females interacting, it could be hormone thing. Unless they are both fixed.

Some GSDs are friendly, social, dog-park-types, and others are not. Your dog is just entering young adulthood so his overall temperament may be not the kind of dog that wants to run about and frolic with other dogs.

Today I had my bitch with me at training class. It is an advanced class held on Thursday when I am usually working so I dropped in today as I was not. My girl will be nine in one month. There was a small dog and a couple of young adult goldens. Babsy is super-trained and good on leash or off leash. But when the Golden broke her stay, and came over to check out Babs, I took Babs' collar and prevented a face-to-face connection, because while everything probably would have been fine, I did not want the young golden to go home with a gash in her face if it wasn't. I have never allowed Babs to frolic with other adult dogs, and I don't think that we need start that now.

It may be that way with your dog. Perfectly fine, great with people and dogs, so long as everyone is controlled and no one is running around in his face.

gsdrobert 07-13-2014 02:48 AM

dominance struggle?
I'll get to the issue after a little back story. My buddy had a Gsd that was about a year and a half old that was very well trained and lives to play ball.

I then got my first gsd as a puppy. The two dogs loved to play together. My buddys dog is a very dominant dog and asserted it immediately with my dog and my pup submitted.

We would play ball with the two dogs and if my dog got the ball first my buddys dog would run over growling running into my dog. My dog would submit and drop the ball.

Then it turned into my dog would get the ball and start running back and my buddys dog would run up along side him growling a nip him behind the ear. Sometimes my dog would drop the ball to submit sometimes he would ignore it and play keep away from his dog.

Now my dog has hit 2 years old and has learned that he's tuff. He will not try to assert dominance over my buddys dog, but when play ball with the two dogs he will not put up with the ear bites.

Its now to the point were if my dog gets to the ball or toy first my. Buddys dog runs over growling and will try and nip him behind the ear, my dog says screw up and they get into a full blown knock down drag out.

They dont have an issue any other time than when there both running to grab a toy and my dog gets to it first.

The easy fix would be to not have them both chase after the same thing at the same time, but id rather fix the issue so they can play normally.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

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