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Juliem24 07-09-2014 12:32 AM

Barking and carrying on
Rudy is now 16 months old, we adopted him from a shelter in the city at ten months. He's learning to walk past other dogs without reacting (seriously, I didn't think that day would ever come), but now when inside the house, God help the person, squirrel, leaf, chipmunk etc that DARES walk past the house not to mention the most hated dog the cocker across the street. Sometimes, there is nothing that I can see out there, it's like he's making it up just to carry on with that big big bark. He carries on like he's warning us of the alien invasion. He does now, in the last few days, come to us when called and down-stay. After a while we release him, and he's good, and THEN the next alien walks past. it starts all over. What is up with this? I don't mind an alert, but defcon 4 is a bit much. Any thoughts as to why? I can stop it, but I'd rather it didn't start. Love to know what's in his head at that point. Any/all suggestions are welcome.

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