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mrsdoodle2 06-23-2014 07:32 AM

my neighours GSD has killed all our pets
hello, sorry just asking for advice. Our neighbours keep a GSD. Their fence lost two panels in the storms last Feb, they rang us up on the day it happened saying ''we know it's our fence, don't worry we'll get it sorted etc''.

Anyhow, weeks went past - then the delivery driver let them down, then they were waiting for nicer weather, then they were waiting for a public holiday so they'd have more time to do it & c & c - you get the picture - lots of talk ''no, don't worry mate, I have the panels on order'', ''I haven't forgotton I'm fixing the fence'' and no action - it's their fence but the only thing that stopped me fixing it myself a fortnight ago was their absolute insistance that they most definitely had the materials now and would do it at the weekend

Anyway the upshot is, 5 months down the line, their GSD managed to get into our garden whilst we were on holiday (we only went for two days) and killed all our children's pets (which were hutched). We'd long since stopped putting our pets out in their run because we were worried if the dog got through it could tip over the run, but we (niavely, as it turns out, not being dog owners ourselves) didn't think that the dog would be able to get into all the hutches.

We are beyond distraught. Our ASD son has curled into the foetal position and will not communicate with any of us at all. My daughter is supposed to be sitting significant exams today, and the 5 yr old is inconsolable.

I am SO angry. It's one thing if a dog exploits a gap, or if the wind had blown down the fence in the night and no one knew - but they had 5 months to sort this out, and we've asked on many, many occasions.

Apparantly the complete massacre of our family pets has given them a ''wake up call'' and they will now actually do something about the fence.

So, how would you guys handle this if it were your dog? I'm not familiar with GSDs at all. I am so angry with the owner.

mrsdoodle2 06-23-2014 07:48 AM

should add, where the fence panels were lost they used orange pvc temporary tape to ''secure'' the area at about 3 feet high.

JeanKBBMMMAAN 06-23-2014 07:48 AM

Sounds like you may be in the UK?

I am very sorry about your pets. That is a horrible thing - when I was a little girl, 2 American Bulldog type dogs came through and killed almost all of our chickens, rabbits and ducks. It was awful. Whoever allowed them to run was at fault.

I am still unsure in my feeling brain what to think when animals just kill to kill, and have a dog who is much like Lenny in Of Mice and Men and likes to kill anything that squeaks in the yard (fine with my inside cats) then seems sad that they don't play anymore. In my logic brain, they are animals.

If my dog did this, I would be replacing that fence, and providing you with some recompense for the animals and their housing that was destroyed.

I am sorry about your kids - the best thing that my family did was not let me see any of it up close. They also did not focus on the anger and upset, but what we could do to move forward. I think they were in shock too, and we also had no idea who owned the dogs.

If you know anyone else with dogs that are good with kids, I'd want to keep that in the back of my mind for the future, so that they can be around dogs in a good way, and also to look at the many things that the breed has done and been bred to do - herding, protecting, police, guide dogs, therapy work, and understand that sometimes a dog's animal instincts take over.

I really am sorry.

llombardo 06-23-2014 07:51 AM

It wouldn't have gotten that far, I would have fixed the panels immediately or supervised my dog at all times. Where were the owners at when this happened? Were these rabbits?

mrsdoodle2 06-23-2014 07:58 AM

yep I am in the UK. I understand an animal has instincts I'm not blaming the dog, per se - I'm blaming the owners for not keeping it in a secure fashion. They are supposed to have replaced the 6 ft high fence, which is a requirement on these houses, pets or not.

Really offering to replace the pets is of no consequence or value to us. They can't undo the trauma to us as a family.

Interestingly the hutches aren't damaged at all, the food bowls and water bottles are exactly as we left them. I was also genuinely suprised a dog could open 3 fastenings (the owners tell me now the dog is capable of using door handles, so I suppose that's not beyond the realms of possiblilty). However, I am suprised about the seeming lack of disturbance - not even the sawdust is as much as ruffled, no scratch or bite marks on the wood.

I *think* what really happened is their daughter came over whilst we were away to look at the baby animals we had , opened the hutches or took them out & the dog heard her in our garden and came over, and she wasn't able to stop him. I can't see how the dog would have managed to open ALL the hutches and not leave as much as a trace of it.

I suspect that's what's happened and they've lied about it because they don't want us to be cross with her (though she shouldn't have been in our garden either)

It's never, ever got into our garden before, although I have always worried about it.

I'm convinced they are lying.

We are too traumatised by the horrific death of our pets to consider getting new ones, despite their offer just to ''nip down the pet shop and get us another couple''

NancyJ 06-23-2014 07:59 AM

That is a horrible thing. I would write all this in a letter and give it to them...explaining the harm their dog has done to your family since talking does not appear to work.

Then I would buy some cheap wire fence and put it up between the posts for now. If you can keep your kids away maybe they would get the message with barbed wire or electric fence ..........

mrsdoodle2 06-23-2014 08:03 AM

They were guinea pigs in three different hutches, two were only baby animals we'd had a fortnight. The others were gorgeous much loved pets.

I don't think there is anything our neighbours can do to put this right. They aren't expensive pets to buy. I've lost a days' wages now (and probably tomorrows too) to care for my son (the ASD boy). He's also missed a really important meeting to do with his transition up to high school (I can't get him to uncurl at all, let alone communicate) and the college he is supposed to be attending can't now rearrange this before the end of term.

I've no idea where the owners were - we weren't here ourselves. Apparantly their 12 yr old 'found them' (assuming she hadn't got them out in the first place). I suspect they were out and left her in charge of the dog, whether or not she was in our garden

Twyla 06-23-2014 08:04 AM

Fist, I am so sorry this happened to the kids pets. I can't even begin to imagine how they feel.

This is the GSD's owner fault, not the GSD. This is a breed with prey drive; with training they can ignore; without training some can ignore, others can't.

Nothing can replace the pets that your kid's have lost. I would be insisting on proof of training for the dog, current training not past training, INSTANT repair of the fence then also reinforcement of the full fence and raised to a height of 8 foot or more. At a time of your choosing, purchase of pets and hutch to not replace, but hopefully allow your kids to move on from this. This is a bare minimum. Some would even say to get AC involved. I am on the fence about that. If they refuse, then AC, insistence of the dog's rehoming or removal from property. This happened due to pure laziness and irresponsibility; both inexcusable.

mrsdoodle2 06-23-2014 08:09 AM

thanks everyone.

so do you think it is possible that the dog could have opened all 3 hutches and got all the animals out without leaving a trace of the animal itself, disturbing the sawdust/knocking over a bowl - in fact not disturbing ANYTHING all? We were up until 3 in the morning searching the garden for remains, because we were so worried about the kids finding them if they were there - we've not found a single thing (apart from the several cow pat size patches of diorehha their dog left). Not a spot of blood, bone entrails, anything at all. The neighbours have handed us back a bag full of long hair from one of the long haired animals, and that's the only trace at all

misslesleedavis1 06-23-2014 08:12 AM

Seems odd. Smart or not, once they click into prey drive they are not thinking "better be careful and not leave evidence"

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