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brightspot 06-04-2014 09:56 AM

Fence Fighting with New Neighbors
I've read some of the fence fighting threads and will immediately implement the suggestions and talk to our new neighbors.

However, there is a little complication in my case. The area by the fence in question is my dog's self-chosen potty area!

Here are some details:

My boy has just turned a year old and is intact. My neighbors had a mini dachshund who would rush over to the fence (6 foot, wooden) yapping and tail wagging. My pup would sniff back and wag his tail, but stay basically calm. They have moved. The new neighbors have two terriers and a lab. And the fireworks are exploding. All four dogs are running the fence, barking like mad. My pup has his hackles up. He doesn’t respond to me trying to distract him and he struggles when I drag him back in the house. All dogs are indoor dogs so this happens when everyone is let out for potty breaks.

My dog is not dog aggressive, but he is reactive when on leash. Off-leash, he is dog friendly. I don’t know anything about the other dogs.

The main question: Should I move his potty area? I really hate to destroy another part of the yard! :(

FelixTheGSD 06-04-2014 10:16 AM

Are the other dogs intact?

Maybe talk to your neighbors and see if they will have a "puppy playdate" and let all of your dogs socialize. Our neighbors have a bird dog, a min-pin, and a rat terrier. The min-pin thought we were the end of the world, but then we had a puppy socialization with both of our neighbors, and no problems since! It also is helpful, since we are 3 big ranchs, if any of the dogs get loose they end up at one of our houses to play :p we've had the bird dog (lab mix I think, but really well trained) show up at our porch begging for treats :rolleyes:

Twyla 06-04-2014 11:14 AM

Move his potty area.

Woolf(GSD) is DA. Shadow(Lab) is a typical Lab - social, everyone-dog and human- is a friend. The previous neighbors had untrained beagles and a king of the mountain chi, the new neighbors have untrained mophead fuzz balls. Both sets of dogs charge the fence barking as soon as we open the backdoor. Neighbors have been useless controlling their dogs.

Woolf, we expected problems from and used the neighbor dogs as training. Shadow is now reactive ONLY to the neighbor dogs. She is like us - sick and tired of being barked at <sigh>. So now we are working with Shadow on ignoring the dogs.

There is a privacy fence up and we have installed the welded wire fence 2/3 ft inside that to prevent the nose to nose. Made a huge difference.

Galathiel 06-04-2014 12:05 PM

I would talk to the new neighbor about coordinating potty times until you can get his recall firmed up a bit more. Mine loved to go visit the fence to see the dogs next door (they had a fit, mine has never barked at them). However, because I have the chuck-it in hand usually when we're out stretching our legs, he focuses on that and not the dogs. Now, he almost never even notices them when we're outside, doesn't even twitch an ear when they bark at him (the dog is chained 24/7 close enough that he can get to the fence and there is a dog that is also loose...both pits). Rarely, (once a month or so) he might charge over there to check them out, but recalls easily as he would much rather play ball. Have you also tried having him potty on leash so you can correct/redirect if he gets wound up? It's good for dogs to be able to potty on leash.

brightspot 06-04-2014 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by Twyla (Post 5599962)
Move his potty area.

I think I'll do that anyway. There is a better place on the other side of the yard.

How hard is that to do? Any tricks to make the move easier?

Twyla 06-04-2014 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by brightspot (Post 5600490)
I think I'll do that anyway. There is a better place on the other side of the yard.

How hard is that to do? Any tricks to make the move easier?

Take him on leash to the new potty area, patience, when he goes, party and repeat - just like a puppy. Some would suggest placing some of his waste in the area for the scent.

I would think about spraying his old area down with an enzyme , vinegar (can kill the grass), repeated water soaking and picking up any waste to clear the old area of any scent.

Talk with the neighbors, if they aren't willing to put the work in on their dogs, seriously consider privacy fence and an inside row of fence.

Chip18 06-04-2014 02:20 PM

Ok chiming in as a 'pet person." :) Moving the potty area and talking to the neighbors is..."cute' both approaches are band aids. They can mask the problem they don't deal with it!

I can control what "my' dogs do! Not what other people do with there dogs.

My guys were taught to ignore other dogs. That what they do! Every now and then an occasional "NO" might be needed, in the yard...problem solved. On walk dogs can bark bark bark at them till they turn blue in the face! They get zero response from my guys.

You can start here:

It will take time and patience or hire a trainer skilled in the use of an E collar, learn it's proper, use and solve the problem in a couple days or hours?

We have barky noisy dogs on both sides of our house.

Galathiel 06-04-2014 02:56 PM

Not sure what being a 'pet person' has to do with your response but anyways. I believe I mentioned leashing to control the dog's reaction while you work on it.

Chip18 06-04-2014 03:05 PM


Originally Posted by Galathiel (Post 5600994)
Not sure what being a 'pet person' has to do with your response but anyways. I believe I mentioned leashing to control the dog's reaction while you work on it.

Hmm I was not launching an attack on you? Sorry if it was perceived that way! :)

"Pet person" means to me...regular folks can solve this issue, simple as that. I have never put a leash on my dogs in their backyard! I expect my dogs to behave! :)

For the record my neighbors to the North are A holes! I expect them to not control there dogs! So I don't put much faith in "talking" to some folks myself!

And yes a leash, work on it directly at the source. I would prefer outside dogs as a source for distractions. Ignore and move on, Teach the behaviour you want,
Then at home...they "know" what you expect!

Clarification is always helpful my bad! thanks. :)

Galathiel 06-04-2014 03:32 PM

I'm regular folk too ... and I have and on occasion still do leash my dog in his yard. 1) for working on his leash skills .. an ongoing power struggle we're having at the moment, hard headed sucker and 2) because my dog goes out and about to training and different locales and I want him to remember that he can potty on leash ... some dogs won't. I had one that wouldn't (never leashed him at home) and it was a royal pain when we went on vacation! :)

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