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ItsColiOli 05-17-2014 10:27 PM

Is aggression/protection typical for GSD?
Hi everyone. I just introduced myself into the introduction area but I will fill you in if you didn't see. We are adopting a 9 month old GSD next week who was bred and trained (just basic training) by the lady in my city who trains dogs for the sheriff and police department. We met him and spent 5 hours with him, and observed him acting very AWESOME around kids (including my 2 year old) and even him acting playful around other dogs. This all took place at a public park so he did not know the kids or other dogs.

When I told my family what breed of dog we were adopting, they immediatly began warning us of aggression and protective issues common with GSD. He seems like such a sweet/loving/fun dog that its hard for me to imagine him acting aggressive based on what I observed. My family member told me their GSD was this way as a pup, but did develop aggression after a year old.

What should I expect?

katieliz 05-17-2014 10:45 PM

you should believe your eyes and trust your judgement (take your time and possibly meet with the dog again), and take what your family says with a grain of salt. they may be well meaning, but are generalizing and are incorrect. also, even tho he's been trained already, he's young and what he becomes will largely be up to you.

Chip18 05-17-2014 11:29 PM

At home with family pack members no problems, folks drop over company comes by... don't be surprised if he has a problem with that! It can be handled might not be an issue with "your" dog but it's something to be aware of!

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