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belladonnalily 04-27-2014 04:45 PM

How a child should react to dog attack?
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A friend is concerned about a neighborhood dog. She has two young daughters. Apparently, the owner walks an aggressive-acting, huge dog (she says pitt-type...who knows...I'm suspecting more mastiff-type?). The owner barely has control of the dog and today, while she and girls were near the sidewalk doing yardwork, the dog lunged at her girls. Owner barely held on (dog is wearing choker-type collar). This is not the first close call in the neighborhood.

I gave her the best advice I could: call AC so they have a record, even though there's nothing they can do at this point. Get a pic of dog and, if she feels safe to do so, video every time they walk past. That alone might send them somewhere else.

But I thought I'd direct her to some GOOD info on how she and her girls should handle themselves if God forbid, a leash breaks or he otherwise gets loose. I didn't trust myself to Google this...there is too much bad info out there. I did suggest she even contact an experienced trainer and ask them. Or maybe a K9 unit at her police dept.

Any good sources of info on this I can pass on?

Thanks in advance.

pineconeforestGSD 04-27-2014 04:56 PM

I am not sure how old the 2 girls are,but a can of mace or a stun gun [if legal] are 2 decent choices for self defense against bad dogs and bad people.
however the safest way is to keep the dogs at a distance IMHO.
too bad you couldn't get together with the dogs owner and request to ''meet the dog''.
who knows maybe that way the area could retain a peaceful vibe instead of a dangerous vibe.
best of luck for a peaceful summer!!!

glowingtoadfly 04-27-2014 04:58 PM

Doggone Safe has a course for children on dog bite prevention.

Chip18 04-27-2014 05:04 PM

Best advice is animal control and avoidance what ever that takes!

That dog sounds like bad news! K9 unit sounds like a good idea, they might be able to at least scare the crap out of the owner?

Other advice is to always remain calm and face the dog down, I'm willing to "engage" if it gets down to it. Arming the kid with bear spray would be more practical, turning and running if they are close to safety could work but your not going to out run a dog for any distance!

Putting "heat" on the owner is the best advice!!!!

SuperG 04-27-2014 05:16 PM

Turning, running and screaming is a guarantee to get run down and bitten/mauled. Standing in place, no eye contact and, try and teach this to kids..much less adults..when a large dog is charging at you....good luck... It would take a cool operator to stand in there calmly, most wouldn't be able to ...even if it is the proper method to practice.

I'd evaluate the situation and be realistic as to the capabilities and capacities of the kids and go forth with your plan. My guess is, it would be best to have the kids simply leave the area as soon as they see this particular dog rather than a wait and see mentality. Having options is the name of the game....never give up your options willingly....unless there is a better one.


glowingtoadfly 04-27-2014 05:22 PM

Super G's advice to be a tree is what Doggone Safe advises children to do. I took the course :-)

SunCzarina 04-27-2014 05:58 PM

We had a bully breed in the yard behind us for a while - lived with the type of people who'd get a new pup every fall and by january it was turned out in the yard where they'd try to use my dogs to exercise it. Then it would run away or get hit by a car or confiscated by animal control by the end of summer so they'd get a new puppy. Not good people but the time I tried to talk to the mother about her dogs harassing mine she said 'It don't matter. That your yard. Dis is mine'. Not really when you're a renter and thankfully they moved!

Anyway back to the bully. It was outside all last feburary tearing the fenceweave out of my fence and terrorizing my kids with it's barking and bloody nose. I had pictures of it eating my fence and video. Animal control came out and issued them a $25 nuisance dog ticket.

It didn't stop. I called the mayors office and got a sympathetic secretary who's child had been bitten by a pitbull. Told her I'm not getting any response out of A/C because the guy says he's too busy working on dog bite cases. Sent her the video. She called animal control and suddenly poof the dog went to prov animal rescue league.

wolfy dog 04-27-2014 07:09 PM

You could call AC and just ask them advice on how to handle the situation. This way they know but you didn't turn them in (yet).
If the owners are approachable you could tell them that you are worried about their dog and ask them how they can help the kids stay safe and see their response. If that is not good, it's back to AC.

SunCzarina 04-27-2014 07:29 PM

2 calls to animal control, nothing gets done, go up the food chain!

gsdsar 04-27-2014 07:43 PM

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It's a tough call. The best thing for a scared kid to do is drop low and cover their neck and not move or scream.

I will never suggest getting a young child to "stand up to " an aggressive dog. Just won't. Kids don't have the power to be truly threatening. So being still and not engaging are best.

If they are older kids, say 12-18, then teaching them how to "move into" a dog may work. But honestly. Being as non threatening as possible is best. No eye contact, no talk, no touch, stay still.

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