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Chevalrouge 03-14-2014 02:41 PM

Can he be placed?
Unhappy Brutus Buckeye


Hi. I just joined yesterday. Unfortunately we have a problem with our beloved Brutus Buckeye. He badly bit a child who was playing with our two granddaughters in our house. Everything worked out fine with the child, her mom and her grandparents. One attitude is that he needs to be put down. Another (mine) is that surely there is a place for him with someone else in the right environment. Help.

Thanks for the responses. Here is more background. Brutus had been a problem at his prior residence as he had nipped at a couple of kids (always around the granddaughters) so I guess he was showing his protectiveness. We now have him at our house 95 percent of the time and we just moved to be close to the grandkids. The child he bit a few days ago was new to him. There was a puncture of the forearm, a gash in the calf and a bite in the back that showed all four canine teeth in action. Fortunately he released, probably when I intervened. He is now four and we got him when he was two. He had training at about one year old but I don't know what kind.

Jax08 03-14-2014 03:01 PM

oh boy. IMO, that is not a bite, that is an attack. Bite marks in three different areas of the body? On a child? How old is the child?

No, he can not be placed. You can not pass off a problem dog on to someone else, especially with a history like that. Either keep him isolated away from children and up his obedience dramatically with a good trainer. Or euthanize him.

stmcfred 03-14-2014 03:21 PM

I agree, that sounds more like an attack and not a bite. Since there is a prior history of him being aggressive with kids, I wonder why he was allowed around children now. Especially children he doesn't know.

DJEtzel 03-14-2014 03:29 PM

Agreed with the above. Where are you located?

SunCzarina 03-14-2014 03:36 PM

This dog had a history of biting a child before you had him. Yet you allow him to be near children again?

Would you want to pass him down the line to do it again? You have 2 choices here: euthanize him, which I'm hoping you don't want to do or CRATE HIM when you have children around.

selzer 03-14-2014 03:43 PM

The dog is wired wrong.

Unless you are willing and able to properly crate or kennel him, and I mean LOCK so children CANNOT get to him. Then, do the kind thing and take him to the vet and have him euthanized.

No other child should ever be subjected to an attack by this dog.

I am sorry, but no rescue will work with such a dog. And no shelter will do anything with him but euthanize him. It is far kinder to go and be with him that to throw him into a kennel where he will be dragged along by strangers to the room and have it done.

I think it would be wrong to rehome this dog to anyone. While you may be totally clear and open with his history and why you are rehoming him, those people may not be. And then another child is attacked. This is very bad for the breed and dog owners everywhere.

misslesleedavis1 03-14-2014 03:50 PM

Bad scene, i am sorry you are going through this, Selzer is correct rescues will not take him and shelters will destroy him once they know all the info. To rehome him would not be fair to anyone.

ApselBear 03-14-2014 04:02 PM

Everything mentioned above is correct. PTS or absolutely no contact with children. At what point are you legally responsible for the actions of your dog? With a knowledge of prior attacks... That's negligent at best. If it were my kid, you'd be paying the med bills and then some and on top of that I'd be seeking criminal charges if possible in that state.

Gwenhwyfair 03-14-2014 04:29 PM

In this case, pretty much agree with the others and I'm usually about giving the dog the benefit of the doubt.

if you decide to euth due to the bite most states have a waiting period, for ensuring there is no possibility of rabies transmission and you'll need to keep him locked away from children, securely, at all times.

Merciel 03-14-2014 04:35 PM


Originally Posted by selzer (Post 5200778)
I am sorry, but no rescue will work with such a dog. And no shelter will do anything with him but euthanize him.

I agree with one important caveat: no responsible rescue or shelter will take this dog. Not with that bite history.

You may, if you look long enough and are willing to pay generously enough, find a less responsible rescue and/or "no-kill sanctuary" that is willing to take the dog.

I would be very, very careful about entrusting any dog to such an organization. While it's tempting to imagine that they offer a happy solution to your dilemma, the great majority of groups willing to take dogs with this type of bite history are clueless, delusional, and/or exploitative, and the fate that ultimately awaits animals in their care is far worse than the merciful end of a needle.

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