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JaimeZX 03-08-2014 06:31 PM

Walk manners? (Tiny dogs, particularly.)
Kali is play/prey driven. She doesn't care too much for food treats, but will do anything for a ball/tug/flirt toy/etc.

So Kali gets along fine with dogs she knows. And dogs she doesn't know, for the most part, like at the dog park. At the dog park she tends to be a little timid for 60-90 seconds or so but then catches on "Oh, I've done this before," and winds up having a blast.

On walks, she ALWAYS wants to meet other dogs. She gets excited when she sees them and wants nothing more than to run over and meet them. Usually they're on the other side of the street or whatever and we just pass them by. But sometimes the other dog/owner expresses an interest or they're non-avoidable. So of course then I always have to say "she's very friendly, she's just excited!"

This is usually fine.

Except with Yorkies and the like. Who are "dogs" to her, I suppose, until they squeak and dart, and then they enter the "squirrel" category and she lunges after them, because that's what a play-driven dog does when she sees a squirrel, right? It's almost cliche now...
Of course, to the Yorkie owner there is just a giant dog after mommie's widdwe pweshious.... so it's socially awkward at best.

I'm guessing the easiest way to deal with this is to just avoid toy-sized dogs at all costs, but I'm curious if any of y'all have particular insights here?


Mary Beth 03-08-2014 08:29 PM

Yes, avoid them at costs. Let your gsd play only with the big dogs. It doesn't take much for those little dogs to get hurt and imo, isn't worth the risk.

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