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jennilynn510 03-02-2014 02:53 PM

Aggressive and barks all the time
Our Belle is 8yrs old. She has never been much of a people person, loves our family & no one else. She is crated at night, while we are out of house & when kids are over (which isnt too often). Our real problem is BARKING! She wont stop when we let her outside. If she is in the house she will bark but then stop, if she is in her crate she will bark & then stop but outside she BARKS all the time. We just got an letter from a "neighbor" (not signed of course) saying they were going to turn us into the borough code inforcer. Now with that being said we never leave her outside long (unless we are out there with her) we know she barks so we let her out and then bring her right back in 5 mins TOPS. We believe the "neighbor" is the people over the hill from us who own a pitbull. When Belle sees her she goes crazy! I need some advice quick before they call the police on us. What should we do? Shock collar, no bark sonic machine, dog whistles?? i'm willing to try anything!!!!:help:

zyppi 03-02-2014 03:07 PM

Sounds like she needs more exercise - just letting her out doesn't count. Take a ball and throw for her to chase. Take her on walks. Exercise her mind with more and more training. Hide a special treat or toy and teach her to search and find it.

Wouldn't use an e collar for this, but Dogtra makes a good bark collar. Still wouldn't use it all the time.

Mocha 03-02-2014 04:28 PM

What is she barking at? Is she just barking to bark? Then I would agree on the exercise thing. But is she barking in particular at something? People walking by, dogs walking by. Etc?

Ps, don't worry too much about codes if its only five minutes. Most of the codes I've seen are that the dog must be barking excessively for an hour straight. Not five minutes. Plus, it is nearly impossible to prove because no officer wants to go sit at a house and time their dogs barking for only one complaint. I agree you should do something, but don't stress yourself out about it, it won't fix over night and you won't get in trouble over night.

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