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rajnish 02-26-2014 12:39 AM

Aggression of my 10 month gsd towards my wife
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My storm is always full of energy and naughtiness and listens to everything what I say or command but whenever my wife scolds him for something where he has done wrong he starts barking and jumping at her. Given his size my wife obviously becomes uncomfortable with his approach. Whereas in my case it's just opposite. He shows his surrender Ness by lying low with his ears back and listens very attentive. Please suggest how to control his behavior towards my wife...His recent pic

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Baillif 02-26-2014 07:29 AM

Hard to know without seeing in person, but it sounds like there's somewhat of a disconnect in the relationship between your dog and your wife. For whatever reason the dog at some point challenged her and she gave off enough signs that she was intimidated that the dog realized he could make her a victim and dodge consequences for his actions.

How does that get fixed? Depends. With some people you can move them past a fear of the dog and things resolve on their own. With some you give them other alternative ways of dealing with the dog that don't trigger episodes of "no you can't make me" and some need tools to get the dog to stop. I've seen people use e collars to give the dog some juice when they decide to jump or push the owner around.

rajnish 02-26-2014 07:49 AM

Thanks..I have also advised her to totally ignore him whenever he does that....personally I am not in favor of using e seems very inhuman...what do u say

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Baillif 02-26-2014 08:59 AM

It isnt that big of a deal used correctly. Ive given myself a blast on 100 it isnt plesant but its not completely awful either. If you teach the dog with low working level corrections layered over with some leash pressure you can avoid the big dramatic screaming corrections. Sometimes it isnt a bad idea to make the dog aware of what the collar can do though.

Blanketback 02-26-2014 09:12 AM

I might be wrong, but I don't like the sounds of how he acts around you either, OP: "lying low with his ears back and listens very attentive" to me sounds like a crouching fearful dog. I think both you and your wife need to work on basic obedience with your dog, and together you'll find a happy medium. Good luck :)

rajnish 02-28-2014 01:18 AM

No it's not that he always like that with me all the time... it's just during time when he is being reprimanded for something wrong.

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rajnish 02-28-2014 01:24 AM

Hair shedding. ....
My gsd is doing some serious hair shedding for past few days..I mean hair shedding is normal in gsd..I have in seen that..but in his case they are coming out in lumps and he is constantly itching..could their be some allergy prob? Can u suggest some medication or should I visit vet? My gsd is long haired and would be 10 month in march...please help

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pets4life 03-01-2014 04:38 PM

brush him with a high quality brush if you see hot spots then you have a problem

When people dont groom their gsd it can come out in clumps and makes the dog uncomfortable, swimming in a lake really helps also

Chip18 03-01-2014 05:36 PM

Well I'm lost? Is he not listening to your wife or shedding the issue?

carmspack 03-01-2014 05:54 PM

nah , I would say the dog doesn't have a good connection with you either --- in fact watch that you don't push the dog so far into avoidance, which is what the dog is doing , that he doesn't come out and charge at you out of defence , when his threshold has been crossed.

not a crime and punishment scenario. Dog can't understand.

TRAINING -- consistent rules and expectation AND praise for when he does well -- positive reinforcement

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