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bailej77 02-18-2014 01:32 AM

Aggressive towards all new people
Kyra and Kolby are both 2 years old and every time a a new person gets near them, whether at home or in public, they bark growl and use their body to keep them away. They won't let anyone they don't know near me whatsoever. I'm not complaining about them keeping people away from me in public but when i have guests over it's out of hand that they won't stop even after they go into the crates.

Any training suggestions?
I want to put then into the PPD classes in hopes to get it under control but haven't found any locally yet.

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MaggieRoseLee 02-18-2014 08:32 AM

Well you should be complaining about them keeping people away from you when in public.

Because YOU have given up any leadership/decisionmaking role in your dog's lives in relationship to the millions of people that live in this world and should be a NORMAL (boring) addition. Rather then a OH MY GOSH THEY ARE ALL MURDERERS addition.

Your poor dogs are now ALWAYS on high alert because the job you have given them, that CLEARLY they haven't gotten the proper socialization and training for because they have zero ability to tell mass murderer from friend, is too much.

A normal confident adult dog that is good for protecting us is CALM in public. Able to think in public. Cue from US if there is an issue rather than just be on complete freakout 100% of the time that EVERYONE is a potential threat.

What you should have been doing and expecting is on ---> and

First of all I'd separate the dogs when I went out in public, they are feeding on each other and that's easier to ignore you and take you from the picture. It sounds like you are just an annoying buzzing bee attached to the other end of the leash and bothering them. They don't feel you have anything of interest to add to the situation so they are ignoring you.

Chance of taking them separately to dog classes, only after meeting with the trainer to show them the situation...

There's also a good book that may help put you in the leadership role a bit called The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell. NOT an obedience book but just good leadership things you can do around the house that makes sense to dogs. Welcome | Jan Fennell the Dog Listener

Just as a heads up, if you got both these dogs at the same time and they've always been together, some of this is 'dog' stuff and why responsible breeders won't sell 2 puppies to the same home. It's much harder to raise them properly (I wouldn't do it :) ) You may recognize some of it here --->

Good luck, if you are PRO-active and realize that your pups should NOT be 'protecting' you at all because you are the leader in the relationship. And then you work on proving this, you should see improvement.


Blanketback 02-18-2014 01:02 PM

It's very easy to teach dogs that everyone who comes close to their owners deserves a growl - and then this can escalate to biting for no apparent reason. I think you've made a huge mistake by encouraging it. Or not discouraging it, whatever the case. I hope you can find a really good trainer to help you with this.

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