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misslesleedavis1 02-16-2014 12:38 PM

Water issue
When i adopted my rescue a year and a half ago she had "food aggression" issues when it came to other dogs not people, We fed her in a different room then our other one for a very long time until she improved and now she has absolutely zero issues with dogs eating out of the same bowl as her. Lately she is guarding water bowls, its become insane, I have 2 downstairs always topped up and 2 upstairs always topped up. She loses her cookies over any of our other dog trying to drink, so i have been managing it, everyone gets to drink but she is put away with her own water dish in a bedroom downstairs. Could there be something medically wrong with her, is this something that will pass like the food issues?

Its not like they dont have free access to water, they have water all over the house its one thing that is readily available to them all the time.

Its so weird, this is the dog that will share a fresh peice of meat with the 2 other dogs with not one growl, but lord help whoever trys to drink something that there is plenty of.

Sp00ks 02-16-2014 05:37 PM

This is mostly to give your question a bump so it's not overlooked but could it be a dominance thing? I've seen articles written about food but not water. It sounds the same to me.

We have had older dogs and brought a pup in the house. The older dogs would guard the food/water. We fed the pups separate until they got older and the problem resolved itself for the most part. (This is the short version)

In the end, I am the keeper of the food and water, not the dog. I say when you eat or drink. Instilling that mind set worked for us, I don't know if it was right or wrong but solved the issue at the time.

Mary Beth 02-16-2014 05:43 PM

My guess is that she is trying the same game she played with the food bowl to see if she can get away with guarding the water bowl. I wonder also if she is reacting to something going on - if you recently added another dog or a change in circumstances - or if she is trying to get attention from you or is bored, or winter blahs.. Since you are handling it the same way you did the food guarding and that was successful, your method should work also with the water bowl.

misslesleedavis1 02-16-2014 08:39 PM

I just have to shake my head and wonder ?????? i will practice the same method i used and was successfull with regarding the food, but the water problem gets me, like really shiloh, your okay with sharing highly valued raw meat with dex and tyson but heck no to water. I totally respect the "iam the keeper of food" facts, but i never thought i would have to be the keeper of something that in my mind is not something a dog would really value enough to guard, 4 water bowls and captain crazy makes sure she polices them. Ahh well, i fixed the food problem, so why not have a go with water.

Thats why i was sorta wondering if it was a medical issue with the old girl.

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